The Eh-Bola Outbreak Is STILL GOING ON In The Philippines!

Do you ever remember when Bum Aquino started his campaign? While his actual nickname is BAM, however the letters above spell those who might be deceived by him whether it's any ex-girlfriend or associate or just the masses. BAM means Bobo Ang Maniniwala. Sad to say the Philippines is really plagued by the dangerous Eh-Bola Virus even before an Ebola outbreak can ever begin.

How would you know the signs of Eh-Bola? Here's what you can observe:

1.) Bobotantes are easily carried away by FAIR SPEECHES AND CAMPAIGNS.

Did you know how Sherap won? It was by charisma over credibility. Do you know why Bum gets the vote? It's as BAM goes - BOBO ANG MANINIWALA! Do you remember his brick-laying campaign? Only a real idiot would believe that he can work under the heat of the sun without sweating! I noticed the better the speaker, the more the chances of winning even if that speaker is already so stupid. Even without any alternations by Hocus-PCOS, President Nobita really won NO THANKS to bobotantes who should be blamed to why he's in power in the first place.

2.) Blind loyalty to a certain family or party.

Do you know why President Nobita got into power? It's not because of anything he achieved, he achieved NOTHING before presidency! It's all because he's an Aquino, he's the son of Ninoy and Cory and he always rides on them even after they have died. What amazes me is that Aquinos are getting voted NOT BECAUSE of personal achievement (in due fairness, Bum does have entrepreneurial skills) but because they are Aquinos. It made me think maybe Bum wouldn't even win if he didn't copy his late uncle that he NEVER met's appearance in the first place!

3.) Voting based on winnability over credibility

Do you know why the most unqualified people SIT IN POWER? Oh boy, you might as well think why famous athletes and famous celebrities become politicians. It reminded me of the reason why I even wanted to enter show business was so I can enter politics when I was still a child. Not surprisingly, political dynasties are also a result of voting on winnability over credibility. After all, don't bobotantes assume that just because father is a president then everybody else in the family must be good, right?

How Eh-Bola spreads:

1.) Eh-Bola virus spreads by joining in with FLIPFAGs and arguing with them. Remember NEVER argue with a FLIPFAG. FLIPFAGs' stupidity is very contagious. They always go in groups.

2.) Mass media propaganda with TV stations like ABiaS-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience with their yellow journalism. ABiaS-CBN may be the number one transmitter of Eh-Bola Virus via radio waves and TV stations. Their biased news programs and TV shows are how the Eh-Bola Virus works. Censorship of media with laws like the "anti-cybercrime" law which prohibits people from speaking against the government is one.

3.) Social medias are a powerful transmitter of the Eh-Bola Virus. Facebook, Linkedln, etc. like air and water, are transmitters of the Eh-Bola Virus.

4.) The urban poor areas especially the slums. Politicians love to use the slum areas for their filming of their hypocritical attitude. They give gifts to the slums, video it, volunteer to do jobs and the slums are not only potential careers of Ebola, they are also potential careers of Eh-Bola. And right now, slums may be Ebola Virus free but the Eh-Bola Virus is an epidemic!

The fight against the Eh-Bola Virus is no joke. In fact, until the FLIPFAG culture is countered with regenerating moral values to improve the Filipino, the Eh-Bola Virus Outbreak in the Philippines will just get worse!