President Nobita BETTER THINK TWICE Before Defying China!

China's Damulag shows President Nobita he's a loser!

I have recently read how President Nobita intends to defy China.  I am so amazed with how this guy wants to defy China never mind the reality that he's actually going to war with obsolete weaponry against a huge dragon.  Come on, he better wake up to the reality that the Philippines isn't ready to defeat China!  Just think if he can't even handle the Mamasapano Incident properly resulting to the death of the 44 SAF soldiers, how much more can he handle a HUGE ARMY OF KUNG FU WARRIORS!

China's military is not a joke if you think about it.  I could just think of the disastrous outcome that would happen with Nobita's utter stupid response.  What's a few obsolete Filipino vessels going to do against a huge Chinese military that not even other countries could easily deal with?  What are they going to do?  Troll the Chinese military to death?  Oh boy, they better be careful because China might send full force against our country!  And to those Senatongs who want to get rid of the U.S. Bases here, SHAME ON YOU!  How is the Philippines going to stand against China if it doesn't modernize its armed forces?  Wow, how stupid has a lot of people become!