Manny Pacquiao Is A Source of Failipino Shame, Not Failipino Pride!

It gets annoying every time those stupid Failipinos annoy every decent Filipino with their "Go Manny!  We're the greatest!" and use the boxer for their own stupid "Pinoy Pride" which is better called "Failipino Pride".  Why do I call it "Failipino Pride"?  Any decent Pinoy knows better than to have their self-centered pride.  At the same time, just take a look at what Wang Lee Hom (Alexander Wang) said about Manny Pacquiao as the true winner of the fight.

Pacquiao has the traits that many Pinoys lack today.  Instead of choosing to become decent Filipinos, they choose to be Failipinos.  He has the traits of humility, integrity, morality and charity which is very much lacking in Failipinos.  Let me elaborate how Failipinos lack the traits that are attributed to Manny Pacquiao.

Failipinos unlike decent Pinoys are very arrogant.  They tend to act like the whole world should bow down to them.  Every time a Pinoy makes it big, they free ride on his or her success as their claim that Pinoys are the most powerful race in the world.  Their arrogance is usually making them think, "We are the greatest race in the world.  Everybody else doesn't matter."  Wasn't that also why Edz Ello is now in trouble?  He was so arrogant to think that Pinoys are the best race in the world which resulted to his termination and possible deportation from Singapore.  They think they are destined to win just because they are born Pinoys.  When they are criticized, don't expect them to be humble, expect them to show their arrogant attitude one way or another.

Failipinos don't have integrity to which talks about honesty and principles.  They would like for their own convenience such as make up unsubstantiated stories and a range of excuses to avoid paying their obligations.  They also have their problem of their unwillingness to follow guidelines and perhaps they say, "I will kill myself if I have to follow all those rules."  They lack that integrity because they also steal the glory of others whenever they free ride on the success of other

While Failipinos claim to be very moral, they aren't.  When you think about it, their spendthrift habits may contribute to their immorality.  I was thinking of how more often than not that the Filipino can be unfairly generalized as an immoral population.  So much for that stupid Kit Tadtad saying that the Philippines is the light of Asia and the world.  Failipinos are willing to do ANYTHING no matter how immoral (ex. Narcotics trade, robbery, swindling) just to get an easy buck or to win a competition.  While decent Pinoys are moral, Failipinos are immoral.  Besides, why do you think scumbags keep getting voted into office anyway?

Again, before those Failipinos free ride on Pacquiao, they better think of what Wang Lee Hom had to say about Pacquiao as the true winner.