The Failipinos' Love For Noise Pollution Is A Heavy Burden For Decent Pinoys!

If there's any ad that David Guerrero may soon consider making (I'm being sarcastic because I hope he will not), it might be, "Being Noisy - It's More Fun in The Philippines". I have observed how the Philippines seems to have being noisy is a norm. When I used to live in a downtown area, it's really annoying that people party all night with LOUD MUSIC. To make matters worse, they would invite in a lot of people, it's accompanied by a lot of boisterous noises and anything that wouldn't make your night a pleasant one. To be honest, it's been very annoying reporting such people and the police doesn't even do a thing about it.

Again, before you think I am jealous (wow what assumptions FLIPFAGs LOOOOOVE to make about me and others who fight for a better Philippines), I have EVERY right to get angry if I have to get a good night sleep because I have work tomorrow. All the noise is very disturbing especially when you think that there are people who are studying for their exams, trying to get a good night's rest to get well rested, resting because they are sick or stressed, people who are doing something important like a homework, project, etc. CANNOT do their important tasks. I am raising up the issue not because I am affected personally but this is for the good of the neighborhood and the country. If people refuse to follow simple guidelines, how can they progress? Again, what's there to be jealous about? Jealous that they are having a noisy party and now they assume I don't have money to have a party (again, a lot of them probably are partying under debt) or jealous of their STUPIDITY which they refuse to acknowledge?!

The problem does not only remain in the neighborhood, it also continues to the workplace. It is not necessarily that the boss operates the music at loud volume as the cause of this noise pollution. I have noticed that some establishments are even very disrespectful to play their music at LOUD volumes. Others also have gone so bad as to park their car and play music at a loud booming volume while waiting for someone. These people are so rude that, I wonder if they even consider that they are actually disturbing businesses. Whatever your job is, a huge booming noise can really disrupt work like it causes workplace miscommunication, lack of concentration in work resulting to bungled up work procedures, inability to hold important meetings, disrupting classes if they happen to be near schools and they might even cause traffic accidents. When you think of it, noise pollution will always be a huge burden to a lot of decent Pinoys who want to do their jobs properly.