It's More Fun Errrr... NOT Fun To Pay Taxes In the Philippines!

Ever wonder where your taxes go?  Ask these guys!

While the Philippines has its tourist attractions and some good venture ideas, one thing cannot be denied with one dreaded date - APRIL 15!!!!  While I am not encouraging tax evasion, however I am encouraging that people should demand that transparency of government spending must be done.  If you want to know who is really abusing tax powers, look no further to the Bureau of Internal Robbery's Konsomisyoner Kill Henares (President Nobita's loyal financier) who is currently enforcing ridiculous tax systems for the Nobita Administration, an administration with No Direction.  To be honest, this article is also an open letter to David Guerrero before he might even say, "Paying Taxes - It's More Fun In the Philippines" to continue that culture of dysfunction.

The Philippines may be the legalized theft capital of the ASEAN.  Legalized theft can be defined as any form of theft authorized by the government.  These forms of legalized theft happen to be misuse of taxes, abuse of the power of collection or anything unethical in related to financial powers that should have been illegal, but made legal thanks to corrupt politics.  One cannot deny legalized theft has been very popular during the Marcos era, now it still persists in the Nobita Aquino era with the rise of DAP, PDAF and of course, her hellishness and greediness, Konsomisyoner Kill Henares.  Unjust tax rates and the like contribute to the downfall of the Philippines.

One may consider this chart of taxable income:

More fun in the Philippines?  David Guerrero is either on drugs or he's a swindler...come on while Communist countries like Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia have lower tax rates, why is it then that a democracy like the Philippines is... having the HIGHEST TAX RATE IN ASEAN?  So Singapore is everybody's favorite tyranny while it only charges 2% for taxes equivalent to PHP 500,000?  Honestly, why are the Communist countries in the list more reasonable with taxes than the supposedly democratic Philippines?!  For a democratic country, the Philippines fails to live it if it has unreasonably high tax rates aside from economic protectionism, Criminals Have Rights and incompetent people in power.

When you think about it, not only is the Philippine system of taxation unfair, it's also very stupid.  I mean, you might think of the consequences.  If you raise taxes too high, who would be encouraged to declare proper income so they can pay their taxes properly.  While it's true those who have more should contribute more, but there is always a limit.  In short, the taxation system is also one of the many ways to punish achievement and to reward the lazy while punishing the diligent.  It discourages hard work and encourages people to be lazy.  After all, if you don't want to pay taxes... be lazy because the hardworkers will have to pay up big right?  We might be closer to a welfare state than you think.

Not to mention, what is our government really doing with the taxes?  Building their private resorts rather than repairing public roads and highways?  Making that stupid Bangsamoron Basic Law which is going to give a group of rebels their own separate state?  Passing the Balatsibuyas Basic Law and enforcing it?  Taxes should be used for the betterment for the nation, not the pockets of people in power.  What is so sad is that the Philippines is full of fans of No Direction (they might even buy a VIP ticket worth PHP 170,000 and up to listen to President Nobita's SONA this year in front seat) - they think everything President Nobita is okay, that we are already at a straight road to progress never mind that the country is really having No Direction.