Don't Sing "Kahit Konting Awa" for Edz Ello!

After Edz Ello's case was silently going on, another update sprang from The Straits Times - Singapore on the ongoing case against this FLIPFAG.  Details of Edz Ello's charges not only include his seditious comments but also, he was lying to the police (namely the Chong Pang Neighborhood Police Post and the Ang Mo Kio Police Division) that his Facebook has hacked.  This is a severe violation of the Sedition Act in Singapore, which his offense would create ill-will and hostility to Singaporeans and Pinoys.  Getting rid of him was not a childish decision.

As of late, a pre-trial conference is set on April 21, 2015 of this year.  Right now a bail of SGD 10,000 has been offered and his passport was impounded.  Once convinced, he can be jailed for three years on each charge of sedition and for lying to the police, he must pay SGD 5,000 and one year imprisonment on each charge.  While what he did won't warrant him to be hanged (that would be too much) but he must do the time, because he did the crime.

Now that the news is out, I would expect those Failipino activists might again invoke the name of the late Flor Contemplacion.  After all, these activists have the tendency to say, "Our fellow Filipinos can do no wrong.  We are just victims.  We are oppressed." and sing Nora Aunor's song "Kahit Konting Awa" (Just A Little Pity) as if Singapore can understand what they are singing.  Excuse me, if they say that, they might as well consider Edz Ello was very well treated that is how he repays them?  Typical FLIPFAG attitude of ingratitude isn't it?  They might rally to give him "justice" never mind all the Filipinos in Singapore who are getting unfair discrimination by ultranationalist Stinkapoeans (bad Singaporeans) and lumped with him no thanks to this FLIFPAG.  While Singapore is sacking the Stinkaporeans because they are making good Singaporeans look bad, likewise Edz Ello must also get punished to avoid any unfair generalization towards good Pinoys.