A Picture That Shows Top Ten Rude Malaysian Habits ALSO In the Philippines

Well this is pretty interesting find if you ask me.  I haven't been to Malaysia and that although it is a British colony but it suffers from top ten rude Malaysian habits.  Now Malaysia has a better economy than the Philippines for some time.  The problem that shocked me was when I found out about these top ten Malaysian habits also present in the Philippines as pictured above.  Click the picture above to find out the problems that were in Malaysia.  

Now here's what we can see above are really annoying habits that both Malaysia and the Philippines suffer.  Now not all Filipinos and Malaysians are rude, it's wrong to generalize but apparently, it's very common and the picture above is an awareness of getting Malaysians to act accordingly.  Now before FLIPFAGs can say, "Well we're not the only ones doing it!", well that's the problem of FLIPFAGs who tend to bandwagon on either their countrymen or neighboring countries (and ironic how some of them even want to get rid of foreign influence) to justify their wrongs.

Instead of riding the bandwagon of neighboring countries to justify our wrong practices, instead it's time to really correct all the ten habits listed above.  One may consider how all the ten habits listed in the picture give a rude generalization of Filipinos.  What is really needed is to correct these habits.  Besides the taglines "Malaysia is Truly Asia" and "More Fun in the Philippines" eventually give a bad notion when reality beats expectation.