Why Anti-Chinese Prejudice Will NOT Help the Philippines

Considering it's Chinese New Year, I would like to write this bit of eye opener. I've been a victim of Failipino pride and their saying, "We Pinoys are the greatest." Now as I always say, not every Pinoy is a Failipino. Again, they are point missers and love to do so. There have been ongoing anti-Chinese sentiments thanks to some cases in the past. It reminded me of how after the Flor Contemplacion execution, I was bullied by Failipinos who called me a "murderer" and Chinese as murderers. Some of these Failipinos viewed the best Philippines as one that will have no Chinese in it, only Pinoys.

More Anti-Chinese sentiments were renewed for the worse by Failipinos during the Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva execution. The three were executed on March 30, 2011 after a three year investigation. After they were found guilty, the Chinese government had them executed by lethal injection. China is serious with its war on drugs. For a Communist country, it has become more serious with crime compared to the Philippines. China denied any pardon for the three criminals and carried on with the execution. Then later, some FLIPFAGs started to express their rage that China was being "non-humanitarian" in executing three Pinoy DRUG MULES, playing the Victim Card as they love to play it. For those who called me a murderer just because I am Chinese by blood again raised the same issues saying that the three drug mules were innocent. WTF?!

During the Spanish occupation, the Spaniards also led a massacre against Chinese who occupied the Philippines for unjustifiable reasons. For one, even the FLIPFAG/Failipino trait of anti-Chinese may as well be of Imperial Spanish influence to the Philippines as well. Just as said, the Philippines' culture is very influenced by the Spaniards both the good and the bad. Although the Philippine Revolution with the help of the Americans overthrew the Imperial Spaniards, the bad values of Imperial Spain really seeped deep into the Philippines thus creating the Failipino sub-group among Filipinos. A lot of Pinoys have chosen the path of the Failipino - arrogant, lazy, racist and not to mention double-standard. As said, being a Failipino has the prerequisite of being born Pinoy but a Pinoy does not necessarily become a Failipino. He or she either chooses to be a decent Pinoy (a category of decent Filipinos) or to become a Failipino.

One may want to take a look at how this anti-Chinese prejudice is nationalism out of hand. Some Pinoys have willfully chosen to twist the definition of nationalism hence the term ultranationalism. They think that the Philippines is only for the Pinoys and that only Pinoys can be considered Filipino. This was just like the problem of America with its racist history against Chinese and Blacks. The Philippines itself also had its racist history but not by law but by its people. The ultranationalists refuse to tell the difference between expelling foreign control vs. foreign influence. To go against foreign control means to demand your sovereignty. On the other hand, a country may have foreign influence but have its independence at the same time. The Philippines may have Chinese businessmen but China has NO CONTROL of the Philippines whatsoever.

Just like Adolf Hitler blaming the Jews for Germany's problems, there are Failipinos who blame the Chinese for their failures. Some of them get mad at the rich rather than work hard to get out of poverty. Some of them get mad because their dirty carenderias are defeated by Filipino-Chinese owned eateries. They may even hate Pinoys who accept the Filipino-Chinese as Filipino. For some of them, the Filipino-Chinese are a menace towards their "cultural purity" as if Filipino culture in general didn't get shaped by FOREIGNERS. They blame the Chinese for their problems saying, "Well the more Chinese kidnapped the better." or "Chinese should just go back to China if they insist on values like being on time." They brag brown skin is the best while some of them hypocritically using whitening products and some of their females are trying to hook on white men for a sugar daddy.

What these Anti-Chinese Failipinos are ignoring purposely(or not) is that many of the Filipino-Chinese businessmen are job providers for their sorry asses. Some of these Failipinos even work for Filipino-Chinese bosses while having anti-Chinese sentiments. Like they do their work because they need cash (probably for all their shenanigans) but they hate their bosses. I could also remember how one Failipino I knew would even complain about his Chinese boss for scolding him for his terrible work performance. He would say something in Tagalog or Carabao English like, "Man I hate my Chinese boss (insert bad word/s). If he likes being on time, he should go back to China!" That is just as bad as what Edz Ello did in Singapore which is the very act of biting the hand that feeds them. For one, when you are a worker, your boss still has the last say.

Contemporary Filipino culture has Chinese influence too. What makes Anti-Chinese Failipinos contradictory is they hate Chinese but benefit from the culture aside from jobs. They protest against China but can be seen drinking milk tea or eating at a dimsum at the end of the day. The use of porcelain, slippers, umbrella and paper are derived from Chinese that is even if it was Filipino-made, the idea was from China. Filipino food has foreign influence too like ampao, Asado flavored siopao (which is a marriage of Chinese and Filipino foods), Filipino style siomai, pancit and bihon are of Chinese influence. Some products like tablets and cellphones while they aren't necessarily of Chinese brand, were manufactured and assembled in China which is integrated into Filipino culture.

I also thought of the consequences of what if an ethnic cleansing against Filipino-Chinese were to happen on what it would do to the Philippines. As I mentioned earlier, Filipino-Chinese businessmen are an integral part of the economy. When Hitler started his campaign against the Jewish businessmen out of his sore loser mentality, he wasted Germany's budget and since wealthy Jews contributed to the economy, he downgraded the economy. Likewise, FLIPFAGs may also consider that if they get rid of the Filipino-Chinese (in general) then they can expect to say goodbye to Jollibee and SM. Saying goodbye to Jollibee and SM isn't the only problem but also, it may cause a severe economic drop. There aren't so many Pinoy businessmen (there are a few) to sustain the economy. Some of the outstanding Pinoy businessmen may lose important suppliers like rice traders and the like. It would fracture the economy greater than the 60/40 protectionist clause. The Philippines is already lacking in foreign investments, getting rid of Filipino-Chinese businessmen would mean an even greater dive for the Philippines.

Not to mention, Filipino-Chinese also played a part in shaping Filipino history. Jose Rizal was a Filipino-Chinese. Members of the revolution like Emilio Aguinaldo, Ignacio Paua, Marcelo H. Del Pilar, Antonio Luna and Andres Bonifacio (who was only 25% Chinese) had Chinese blood. Also, Tomas Pinpin the father of the Filipino printing press was also Chinese. Later, Manuel L. Quezon and Sergio Osmena I were both half-Chinese. When one thinks of it, they were Chinese by blood but they fought for a better Philippines. Maybe I should repeatedly mention that the Aquinos they tend to idolize so much are also Chinese by blood. Benigno Simeon Aquino Sr., Benigno Simeon Aquino Jr. Corazon COJUANGCO Aquino, President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Aquino III, Paolo Benigno "Bum" Aguirre Aquino (who's apparently an otaku politician by the way he moves) are ALL Chinese too.