Stop Treating the Aquinos Like Royalty!

Sooner or later... THIS WILL BE THE NEW 5OO PESO BILL!

Here's the reality that we must face. It's true that Ninoy Aquino did oppose the late Ferdinand E. Macoy's unreasonable regime, it's true that Cory was part of EDSA BUT the revolution had its own bad fruits too. That is the "yellow revolution" which has treated the Aquinos like royalty. It has affected the Philippines one way or another. Besides, this current incompetent administration backed by ANC News (ABiaS-CBN's news network) has denied the ongoing problems while just saying the Philippines is Asia's next miracle.

Nobita is president not for who he is but only because of his parents...

So what's the instance of free riding? President Nobita is really just free riding on his parents plus he's even breaking some rules of the 1987 Constitution by allowing DAP and PDAF. While the 1987 Constitution should have removed the Macoy 1972 Constitution's protectionism but it also went against political dynasties. No constitution is perfect and it's subject to change... for better or for worse. But President Nobita is subjecting it for the worse... and we might think of President Nobita and his younger sister Kris are the best examples.

One needs to remember some things. President Nobita is not his father Ninoy. While the late Ninoy opposed the Macoy regime, where was Nobita? He was probably just at home or in school or whatever. It wasn't President Nobita who was at EDSA. It wasn't Nobita who ran against the late dictator. Remember, it was also President Nobita who made the anti-cybercrime law constitutional, thereby undoing the battle for freedom of press his parents fought for during martial law.

Also, why did he become President in the first place? He's just a sleepy chap who almost does nothing at all. If I am to talk, President Nobita was voted in spite of ZERO achievements as a Senator. One an also think... he was only voted because his mother died of natural causes. Then he free-rides on his late father. Then he is said to be a "potential martyr".

Bum just be yourself... you have the achievements vs. Nobita, just show them you are you, not your being an Aquino!

Another is this possible perverted fellow, Bum Aquino. Remember he was only given Benigno as a second name in honor of an uncle he NEVER met. Now there's no denying he has his achievements in the business world. He's got better brains than Nobita but... he should STOP riding on his late uncle Ninoy, his late auntie-by-marriage Cory and that BRAIN DEAD cousin of his, Nobita. With all his known achievements, he should just show them and NOT his dead uncle, his dead aunt and his brain dead cousin... his achievements are his and HIS ALONE, NOT THE AQUINOS! He got those awards, it's his and not because he's an Aquino.

And yes, this attention whore is treated like royalty just because of her parents!

Not to mention, Kris Aquino. While having a past record of being a slut is not necessarily damaging to your present, but having BOTH a past and PRESENT record of being a slut is certainly bad for you. We all make mistakes, problem is when we don't learn from them and that is the problem with Kris Aquino. After her unfortunate incident with Philip Salvador, she still continues her playgirl attitude. Worse, her fans treat her like she's never wrong and she acts like she's never wrong.

She's probably the biggest beneficiary to the free riding.... she free rides on both her dead parents, her brother who is one incompetent president and maybe on Bum Aquino. Maybe every time Bum Aquino gets a well-deserved award or achieves something, she may shout out because Bum is an Aquino, not because Bum is Bum. Worse, all her unimportant affairs are treated like royalty one way or another which is really sickening me. Come on, why make her private life so important for this attention whore when there are REAL issues like the recent slain SAF commandos?!

As said, the Aquino clan has violated the Anti-Political Dynasty law that was inserted into the 1987 Constitution. Instead of seeking to improve Cory's policies like removal of 60/40 and upholding the good in the 1987 Constitution, they are just acting like royalty.