Maria Jerika Ejercito is RIGHT to Call Kris Aquino a BULLY!

Kris Aquino is a bully, no questions asked.  Either you agree with her or you don't and I noticed how often many of her fans are really trolls.  Remember a troll does not necessarily use a fake account or a pseudonym.  A troll is someone who seeks to derail conversations and irritate people whenever they can even with their real account, maybe in an attempt to show how brave they are.  Likewise, Kris Aquino is a real troll herself who derails conversations.  She always uses her power and affiliations to bully people... and her fame.

And yes, Sherap's daughter is right about Kris.  All Kris does is bully people, have that dysfunctional sense of entitlement just because she is an Aquino, her mom became president before and her brother is the president now and that the Aquino clan has its influence.  To be honest, she is right.  Kris is a bad critic because she only gives criticism but cannot take it.  She is a very good example why the Philippines hardly move forward.

Also to all FLIPFAGS who are saluting her, remember she is Filipino-Chinese but I am ashamed to call her my fellow Filipino-Chinese!