Grace Poe is Right to Call for Alan Impurisima's Resignation!

Sad to say, only a few people in authority are doing their job and one of them is Grace Poe.  After berating the MRT's service and that it needs to be fixed, Grace Poe now calls for the resignation of suspended PNP Chief Alan Impurisima.  So far, this action has made her stand out from other senators who are just treating their job as, "It feels good to be a senator." type of mentality.

With how Impurisima is moving with unexplained wealth, luxurious living and now the Mamasapano operation.  What really makes the Nobita Administration really dumber than that of Sherap was this - Sherap chose to step down after his scandal (even if he had the gall to run as president after COMELEC allowed him to and lately he's a mayor again).  On the other hand Nobita or Abnoy just refuses to take account, blames Gloria for everything and hasn't taken much or if not has not taken any action against Impurisima.  

I would agree with Ms. Poe that Impurisima has a LOT to account for.  Impurisima should resign, admit his guilt and get proper sentence reduction, not evade the law.  Sad to say but the Philippines' corrupt justice system makes corruption more fun in the Philippines.