Apparently, President Nobita Ignored These Words From His Father Ninoy!

President Nobita should have heeded to these words!

Has Nobita been studying? Apparently not! Nine years as a Senator and NO BILL, NO LAW, NO ACHIEVEMENT... only sleeping on the job and goofing off. No humility whatsoever... President Nobita is being arrogant in his term.

These words should have been slammed on President Nobita's face during the declaration of the anti-cybercrime law. To declare libel on anyone who criticizes the poor performance of anybody in power is no different than late Ferdinand E. Macoy's repressive policies. Seeking to silence critics, President Nobita has to realize this. He can lock everyone up for criticizing his poor performance but the truth cannot be changed. President Nobita doesn't realize these words can go against him when he made the anti-cybercrime law constitutional.

Also these words are different from President Nobita's "Pwede Na Yan" policy. In spite of all the neglect he did from the Rolando Mendoza Incident or should it reach the recent SAF deaths, he really could have done something but chose to do NOTHING!