Imperial Manila SHOULD Stop Its Wrong Attitude Towards Floods And Typhoons!

Realizing that Typhoon Ruby is hitting the Philippines, it may be another cause to raise the issue, "When is Imperial Manila going to take action towards floods and typhoons?" Some areas of the Philippines have hardworking, dedicated Pinoys but sad to say, a lot of Pinoys are Failipinos. One can think of the idea that for them, they can still "smile" in every disaster in spite of the fact that you can't be happy all the time. It's that kind of attitude that sickens me.

In life you don't always get sunshine. There is the statement, "If all we get is sunshine we get a desert." Now think of it, doesn't the rain ruin your day at times? You want to go to a picnic or fishing yet the rain kicked in. There's that nursery song that says, "Rain, rain go away... come again another day... little children want to play... rain rain go away." However one must realize that rain is an important part of life. Without rain, there will be no water cycle. Just think, it may be fun to think if there was sunshine all the time right? However not everyone has the time to water wild plants and the forest. While we certainly can water our plants but plants beyond the care of man, needs that rain. Rain not only supplies water but it also cools down people from too much sun. Sun is good but too much of it is bad. We all need rainy days to have better joy of the sun. After all, the sun also takes part in the rain cycle.

The cycle of life requires sacrifices and happiness. In jewelry making, gold needs to pass through the furnace before it can be truly gold. In making delicious Cebuano lechon, much sacrifices are made. In anything, you must have sacrifices for greater happiness. It's just like I have to hand over my damaged stuff to the repair shop. For example, getting rid of my old CPU (the ancient model) for a new one (not exactly brand new) will make my work more effective. To make a good research, you need to spend time and effort. In business, everybody must make sacrifices and not just the CEO. Sacrifices are always made. Sad to say but it may be the habit of people in Imperial Manila not to take anything seriously... and that sadly includes floods and typhoons.

If anybody thinks this is a laughing matter... THINK AGAIN!

Unfortunately it seems to be the word "serious" is purposely ignored by a lot of people in Imperial Manila. Floods there happen more often than any parts of the Philippines. If they cannot see how SERIOUS the situation is above, then they really need a serious check-up. Floods are NOT more fun in the Philippines. This is one value that puts the straight citizens in Manila in utter disaster.

So what's the issue with typhoons and floods? Typhoons are natural disasters that are destined to hit the Philippines. If Japan must keep facing against earthquakes as a major problem, the Philippines has typhoons to deal with. You cannot ignore the damage typhoons bring through events like water level rising up, big waves, strong winds and lightning. Anybody who thinks it's safe to play outside the storm or still have a party while a storm is going on is already of questionable sanity. Any person who has common sense is going to take precautions when a storm hits!

Instead of taking the matter seriously... all they want to do is have fun all the time.

Looking at every news that involves Imperial Manila and typhoon outcomes, it's a sad thing why a lot of its inhabitants are just humoring the situation. Never mind that they could drown. Never mind the diseases that floods carry. Never mind the damage of assets floods will do. Never mind how businesses will be disrupted whether it's the small time or the big time. Never mind the effects floods will do to everyone... they just want to have fun right? But that kind of attitude has prevented Imperial Manila from ever dealing with the flood. Just think... maybe some of them don't want to be rescued because they are surfing in the flood, swimming in the flood, having fun in the flood.

What they need to realize is the BIG difference between their happy-go-lucky persona vs. optimism. An optimist may not be afraid to cry or get sad over losses while he or she has a positive outlook towards tragedies. On the other hand, their behavior isn't optimism but best called mediocrity. Mediocrity is the very act where you choose not to improve at all. While accepting one's limits is necessary then again so is getting rid of mediocrity. For example, I am a writer. I accept I suck at Math but to be happy with my writing is just there is an enemy. As a writer, I must seek to excel and go beyond my current ability. I must improve all I can and contribute whatever I can with my writing. To just leave this blog with one or two entries will not do... and I must do whatever it takes to be a better writer.

Just think after the storm, there's much more mess to clean up. Like let me raise the issues of the after-storm effects. After the storm, the streets are SO FLOODED. While some areas of the Philippines may experience infrastructure damage and the like, but if they were well-prepared, damage will be minimal. However for Imperial Manila, they will have to deal with ALL that floodwater which as I've mentioned earlier, brings in a lot of germs and illness aside from the fact you can drown. Swimming in floodwater is only fun for the mediocre person. No sensible tourist maybe except from the likes of Somalia and Bangladesh (both countries much worse than the Philippines) would probably enjoy swimming in the flood waters of Imperial Manila after a flood.

Another after-storm effect they may fail to see is most businesses can't resume. While I thought of it.. some areas may soon get their businesses resumed shortly after a storm. Laborers will start kicking in a day or two after the storm. CEOs will start to report to their posts along with their executives. Every small businessman will be back to business after they closed their stores provided no big damage was done. But because of the floods and the like, Imperial Manila can't even get businesses to turn. No businesses means no money, no revenue for the government. Seriously, if they can get all their businesses running better, tax rates can be decreased which will encourage more revenue in the long run.

Seriously, President Nobita Aquino SHOULD SEE the severity that floods and typhoons bring. I even feel like somebody should slam the flood reports straight at his face! The "Pwede Na Yan" system has kept Imperial Manila from fixing its problems. They should really stop being onion-skinned crybabies, stop their fun all the time mentality AND really do something about the problems of their city. Otherwise, the Philippines may end up losing Imperial Manila because it will sink... and it will become a great power struggle where to move the capital next.