Getting Rid of the Victim Card Mentality To Make It More Fun in the Philippines!

One of the worst values that may undo any economic progress right now is the victim card mentality.  It's a sad fact but it's a trait among the types of Filipinos called Failipinos.  Failipinos claim that all Filipinos or rather Pinoys are an "oppressed" people.  They claim that Pinoys will always be victims of unfair treatment, oppression and the like never mind the truth.

Let's just think in a racist work environment.  For example, let's take the Filipino, the Indonesian and the Malaysian and place them in the Middle East as foreign maids.  Let's just say they are all women and they are now in a place where women are treated as property.  Certainly any bad boss wouldn't just select the Filipino... remember a lascivious boss would take any maid that is available.  That in a sense is one picture that can prove that the Filipino is not a "special victim" to any kind of ill treatment.  Any racist treatment against a Filipino in a racist country is the same to anybody who is a victim of racism.

So how does the victim card mentality work?  One may consider of the execution of Flor Contemplacion in Singapore last March 17, 1995 as an example of how it works.  It was a traumatizing incident for me because being a Filipino-Chinese, some Failipinos targetted Filipino-Chinese as "murderers" and that "all Pinoys are innocent".  Thankfully some Pinoys stood by the truth that Flor Contemplacion was really guilty, the problem was they might have been real victims.  Pinoys who stood by the truth that a guilty Pinoy abroad is always guilty are usually accused of being a traitor to ones country.  On the other hand, Pinoys who stand by their guilty countrymen are praised as nationalistic, never mind they aren't really victims, they are pretending to be victims.... or if they are victims, they are victims of their own actions.

What was the aftermath of Flor Contemplacion's execution after being proven guilty?  It created the notion that "All Pinoys are innocent and victims." tagline as she was given a state funeral that was so uncalled for.  The organization called Migrante International was established supposedly to help OFWs.  However as an OFW support group, it has instead focused on helping OFWs who are rightfully on the justice board of other countries.  The movie called "The Flor Contemplacion Story" was even created.  The movie was full of fabrications such as the scumbag testimony of two other criminal maids, a fabrication of Delia Maga's death and every attempt to make the late Flor look like she was a saint.  However the truth came out about the dysfunctional family.  Sandrex and the twins Joel and Jun Jun were later convicted of drug trafficking in the Philippines.

On March 30, 2008 one may remember the execution of three drug mules namely Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva.  It was a sad day for their relatives which is understandable.  However, justice had to be done.  They were all willing agents.  The problem was simple... there were useless rallies to show the world how much of "victims" the three drug mules were.  Some Pinoys however would only say, "If you do the crime, you do the time."  You cannot deny after the execution, they were saluted and hailed as "heroes".  Fortunately no state funeral happened for the three of them.  However it also showed just how much the victim card mentality is still prevalent in the Philippines.

So why would getting rid of the victim card mentality make it more fun in the Philippines?  Getting rid of the victim card means taking responsibility for one's actions.  If a Pinoy refuses to play the victim card, even hand over one's fellow guilty Pinoys to authority, believing in justice and fairness, it will create the impression that there are trustworthy Pinoys.  Pinoys who refuse to play the victim card would show that they are accountable, that they can be trusted and that they are not the type to protect criminal acts of their countrymen.  Covering up wrongdoings of fellow Pinoys will only make the Philippines a crime haven... especially with one corrupt administration after the other.  When justice is upheld, think of a better Philippines were business will thrive because of peace and order.

Also getting rid of the victim card mentality means being good sports.  It's unfair how Filipino companies are allowed to invest 100% abroad but in the Philippines, it's still stuck with the 60/40 rule which strengthens oligarchies and monopolies.  Also one may consider how it's unfair that Pinoy talents crave recognition while they don't recognize others.  It also means accepting one's defeat... unlike the Gilas sour sports who blamed the armpits of the Iranians for their defeats.  Life is about give and take and that's what Failipinos purposely ignore and enlightened Pinoys accept.  Fortunately some Pinoys are making a move against the victim card mentality and they must continue to do so to make it more fun in the Philippines.