Salutations to A Stronger Drive Against Illegal Drugs in Cebu Island!

It's a huge sigh of relief to think that Cebu's police force is doing everything they can to battle illegal drugs.  Although it's not as strong as Singapore (hopefully it will be)... one cannot deny this data from Sun Star news.

Here's the statistics based on the news:
  • 2013 had at least 1,759 people arrested for illegal drugs.  This year up to November 15 there were at least 2,750 people arrested for illegal drugs.
  • Last year's shabu drive caught at least PHP 44,044,326 worth of Cebu.  This year, it's a much bigger catch with PHP 107,346.940 worth of shabu.

So what can we learn from this?  With Cebu being strong against crime, having better law enforcement, isn't it any wonder why investment went stronger?  

Here's something worth applauding about Senior Superintendent Conrado Capa based on the news.  Just think... he revealed that they are doing their best.  He also acknowledges that Cebu still has a long way to go and they won't be complacent because drug trafficking is more serious in Cebu City and Cebu Province than its neighbors.  It's hard to hear a Pinoy anti-drug enforcer say that.  Just think... it takes guts to admit the situation that Cebu is still having its struggle against drugs.

So what's next?  He also admits that drug dealing is a result of easy money.  Economics is part of the reason why drug dealing is heavy.