Filipino Foods Have Foreign Influence

It was stupid how I hear Failipino pridists who say, "We will eat nothing but Filipino food."  However a closer look at any cuisine in the world whether it is Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, etc. it will always have foreign influence.  Filipino food is never exempt either which one can name these influences:

Food used during fiestas like lechon and adobo were originally native but had Spanish influence mixed into them.  For example, the tastiest lechon has some Spanish style influence mixed into it.

The use of noodles in Filipino cooking has influence by Chinese and later Japanese.  But maybe mostly Chinese.  Even if the Chinese didn't occupy the Philippines, they traded with it anyway during the pre-colonial times (maybe even introduced martial arts) they did trade with the Filipino natives, long before they were called Filipinos!

Fish ball and tempura are definitely of Chinese and Japanese influence.  Filipinos have learned to manufacture it locally but the concept is nonetheless foreign.

Halo halo (according to Dhathor) is of Japanese influence which he says was shown in GMA's Filipi-Know.  I think it's true considering shaved ice is pretty much served in Japan and to an extent, China and South Korea. Although as of late, Filipino style shaved ice is also served in other countries as part of the shaved ice menu.

You could probably name a lot of Western stuff that were "Filipinized" just as a lot of stuff turned Chinese, Japanese, etc. wherever they went.  The Americans introduced chocolate bars, pizza, pasta, etc. which were later Filipinized to fit the "local taste".  For example, there is Filipino style spaghetti (which I dislike its sweet taste) but the influence itself is Italian (and mixed with Chinese according to a Marco Polo account which i don't know if it's ever reliable) or that even if the chocolate bars and cookies were Filipino made, the concept is American and European.  It was merely modified for the Filipino taste.

Like it or not, food is not at all exclusively to one origin.  It shares itself to one culture to another.  So I suggest Pinoy pridists should go back to eating the way the pre-Spanish natives prepared food huh?