Enlightened Pinoys- Five Reasons Why They TRULY Love the Philippines!

Anybody can just say, "I really love my country, right?"  But there is one huge misconception behind the word "love your country".  Nationalism and patriotism are often confused with the wrong values.  Failipinos are Pinoys who have gone so bad to define nationalism and patriotism in their own warped way.

Love itself is a very abused word, even often confused with lust and condoning of wrongs.  But love itself is showing one's genuine concern for the country one way or another.  If you truly love someone, it's not only showing affection but also concern.  If you have concern for someone, would you not rebuke him/her properly if he/she is wrong.  The saying goes, "You can always rebuke without loving but you can never love without rebuking."

There's no doubt that love for country IS an important vaue, no questions asked.  But the question is, do you really love your country?  Now why do I say that enlightened Pinoys love their country?  Let me give you some of these reasons:

1.) The enlightened Pinoys choose to succeed on their own if Failipinos laugh at them.

There is the saying the path to success is never smooth so don't fret if you failed.  It was a mistake of me to fret over my minor violation a week ago, causing me to do more mistakes instead.  So what is the enlightened Pinoy to do?  Simple... they are choosing to succeed on their own.  And the picture of Michael Christian Martinez shows how he succeeded in spite of being a Pinoy.

Remembering the Michael Christian Martinez incident as I love to call it, he wasn't even given support.  He was that lone Pinoy out there who made a difference.  Even if he wasn't yet a gold medalist and hopefully he will be, he showed that being Pinoy is not an obstacle.  He won the hearts of millions.  Sad to say but Failipinos are such free loaders, relaTHIEVEs and execuTHIEVES.

2.) The enlightened Pinoys reject the notion that the Philippines is only for Pinoys

Every Filipino that contributes to the nation's glory and welfare is welcome.  They reject the idea of being a Failipino Nazi.  They believe that it's one's loyalty and love for the country, not one's ethnicity that makes one a true-hearted Filipino.  Unlike the Pinoy who tends to scorn Chinese blood (and other non-Pinoy blood), for them everyone who is a resident of the Philippines is their fellow Filipino.

One can see the enlightened Pinoy work this way.  They are not necessarily businessmen.  As said, if we were all businessmen, who will then move the cogs?  Remember Bill Gates is not Bill Gates without his crew of workers.  Going back to the topic, they either have decent jobs or provide decent jobs.  Manuel Pages of Cebu City is one outstanding Pinoy businessman.  He was a decent worker until fifty years old.  At fifty, he became a decent job provider.

3.) The enlightened Pinoys reject the notion of an isolationist state.

It's time ot say goodbye to Failipino leftists who claim to love the country but they don't.  The enlightened Pinoys out of love for their country reject the notion of an isolationist state.  They believe that the Philippines should open its economy to provide more jobs for Filipinos in general.  Certainly Cebu is seeing a boom in foreign investment in spite of economic protectionism (I might write a post on that), the rest of the Philippines still has a problem with leftists.

Why do these enlightened Pinoys reject the idea of an isolationist state?  Just take for example how they learned from history.  When China closed its gates to the world, work conditions became poor.  When China opened its gates to the world, the country itself became the awakened dragon of Asia.  The Philippines if it does open up, it can also transform from a chicken to its national symbol, the eagle.  It can become an Asian eagle or THE Asian Eagle.

4.) They refuse to merit Pinoy blood as a source of success

Every Pinoy success is merited to hard work and talent.  Nobody ever succeeds because they have Pinoy blood.  The notion that Pinoys are destined to succeed because they are Pinoys is another reason why many of them are lazy and arrogant.  For the enlightened Pinoy, success only comes through hard work.  Even if they do not become big somebodies, but at least they were able to do something worthwhile even if the whole nation does not applaud them!

I can just think of a few examples.  I know a Pinoy couple who started to sell just a bit of spices.  But by hard work and proper management of money, the Pinoy couple though they never became well-known were able to uplift their living conditions.  They could pay a huge rent every month and have high revenues.  Although they are not millionaires and famous people, I dare call them successful nobodies.  Accepting one is a nobody while doing one's best is better than thinking one is somebody but is a nobody.  Be a nobody that works hard, you may not become somebody famous but a nobody who works hard is somebody worth respecting!

5.) Enlightened Pinoys believe in being prepared

Being prepared shows one's love for the country.  If a ruler loves his nation, he would want his people to get ready.  He would clear out any obstacle that makes the lives of people miserable.  So what's the real point?  Remember there is an Ebola outbreak already and it could come to the Philippines.  Some Filipino nurses might be assigned to Africa where Ebola is a real threat.  Being prepared to deal with Ebola will certainly make the Philippines a better nation.

One can see how the Philippine National Patola didn't really show love for country in how poorly they handled the Rolando Mendoza Hostage Incident.  If they really had a real love for countr, they would have done that should have been done.  They should have shot the hostage taker at clear shot or arrest him immediately.  To save the Philippines, every bad Filipino must be dealt with to protect the rest of the Filipino people.  Remember you cannot please everybody!