So Where Was CHR In The Past When These HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS Were Committed?

While having a human rights commission or division isn't useless but it only becomes useless because of people who don't do their jobs properly. Don't tell me that the Luisita Massacre, Kipadawan Massacre and Lumad Killings are not human rights violations? According to Cheato Gascon, the CHR should only move when it's the policemen and soldiers who do violations. Guess what? Luisita Massacre was done by soldiers and policemen. Useless people in CHR broke their rule that  they should attend to those civilians who were harmed by policemen and military with what they did.

Why is Gascon only particular about EJK and its ill effects when that's not the only issue he should handle? Why was CHR so silent with Luisita Massacre, Kidapawan Masscare and Lumad Killing as if the victims in all three incidents weren't violated of their human rights. Does Gascon also realize that sometimes a criminal is killed because a person had to defend himself or herself or that sometimes you need to shoot someone to save someone?

For Gascon, it's probable that in his mind you're not a victim of human rights abuse unless it's a policemen or a soldier who does it. Abusive policemen and soldiers should be regarded as criminals. The Philippine National Police and the Philippine Army have their responsibility to dismiss or even have their wayward employees imprisoned. CHR is a research body that should help document and monitor these human rights abuses. So where was all the monitoring and speaking out for the human rights victims of Hacienda Luisita massacre, Kidapawan Massacre and Lumad Killings?

That's why it's important to clean up the organization. CHR remains as a mockery of human rights only because of the people running it. It's time to fire Gascon and get a new chairperson for the Public Attorney's Office. If it's not Atty. Persida Rueda V. Acosta then maybe anyone from PAO who's also doing the job that Gascon should've been doing.