The Teleserye Culture May Be Teaching The Filipino Youth That It's Cool To Break The Rules

Just hearing how Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo (please DO NOT compare her to Emi Takei and Arisa Koyama) have the habit of breaking SIMPLE GUIDELINES is that annoying. One good example is that nobody should be allowed to have selfies with the ballot. Nobody should use cellphones or cameras inside the precinct but the starstruck mentality. So are telebasuras teaching the Filipino youth to break simple guidelines and hate discipline? I think so. Just letting both Daniel and Kathryn get away with what they did is already teaching that it's okay to break simple guidelines.

So Daniel got caught shaking a cherry blossom tree in Japan. Japan or not you DO NOT shake any trees whether it's a guava tree or any tree. I wonder is this guy getting away with shaking trees? Honestly, I'd get mad if I see somebody shaking any tree because of the mess it'll create. Maybe this guy has been shaking trees in the Philippines, get away with it and thinks that he could get away with it in Japan. What? Hasn't he realized that a lot of OFW mishaps happen because they don't follow simple guidelines.

I thought about this article called "9 Things Filipinas love about KDrama" which I think is really true:

The family ties. The one thing that parents will definitely approve of is the strong family ties that is valued in Kdrama. They promote respect for elders, family, and parents. They uphold honorifics and teach the value of following your elders.

The whole bragging of the Filipino family tie may not be as good as you think. If you think of family ties does it involve running the dysfunctional OFW family? Some teleseryes are repeatedly encouraging the youth to do what they want without thinking of the consequences. There's a fine line between a healthy democracy and a dysfunctional sense of freedom. Is it me or are teleseryes encouraging people that it's cool to break the rules or to think one is too cool for rules? We need democracy but there should be discipline in order for people to enjoy their freedom. Can you enjoy your right to a good night sleep if there were no rules against curfews or loud music during late night hours?

With how teleseryes may be teaching that it's cool to break the rules then I wonder do they even think about the consequences of their actions or why rules exist in the first place? If hairnets are required it's to prevent any hair from falling into the feed. Hospitals follow strict medical procedures to avoid any form of dangerous contamination. No smoking areas are strictly enforced especially to avoid fire-related accidents. Guidelines on how to control the water supply are made in order to avoid contamination and drowning an entire village. People are given guidelines on how to be ready for disasters to prevent major losses. I could be wrong but isn't the teleserye culture also teaching it's okay not to do your schoolwork as long as you don't miss your favorite teleserye?

Hmmm... it would be interesting if both Daniel and Kathryn will get a flogging in Singapore one of these days should they decide to go there. What do you think? That might be a huge slap to the teleserye culture.