"Zaido: Pulis Kangkalawakan" May Not Be Bootleg (By Legal Definition) But It's Still 100% Garbage!

This show "Zaido: Puliks Pangkalawakan" is really 100% garbage. While it's not bootleg by definition (as an illegal reproduction) but its quality is as horrible you can't help but call it bootleg. Since it's not bootleg, one may want to call it as something that was legitimately produced but it doesn't change the fact that it's GARBAGE. Take a look at the armor and props used in Zaido. You can tell that they're of very low quality. Avilo looks like it could fall apart anytime. While Zaido has produced with Toei's permission but it can't be denied the show felt more like a stupid fan film (even some fan films have done better than this garbage) than a legitimate production. 

Some people could go ahead and say they should be proud because it's supposedly "sariling atin". Sariling atin? I beg to differ from that claim. Even if it's a Filipino production but you can't deny that the influence is Japanese. Toei Ltd. gave GMA-7 the license to produce Zaido. Even if they can't sue GMA-7 for the garbage they produced but they may deny a renewal of the license after the contract is over. If I were Toei, I'd never allow it again due to such a horrible disaster. If you're watching telebasuras in the name of nationalism, let me raise this question up. Did you really believe that those locally produced garbage shows were filmed without the use of imported equipment? If you do then you're so deluded because it's just impossible.

Some people may say that, "But it's advertised as a television drama!" Whether it's Tokusatsu or television drama it fails on both standards. It's best called as a telebasura production because of its poor quality. The pacing is so slow, it gets overly expanded due to ratings (from low-minded audiences anyway), too many useless fillers make the show hard to watch, really badly done special effects and all the stereotypes that makes a telebasura well a telebasura. After watching one to two episodes, I dumped this show. It's just too slow paced and full of mind numbing ideas. It may have been a legitimate production with contracts from Toei but the quality is like it's a bootleg film.

While watching Taiwanese, Chinese, South Korean and Japanese drama they know how to do their pacing, they don't have too many useless fillers and a lot of them put their heart into it. GMA-7 has no excuse to do what they did. Weren't they airing a lot of Taiwanese, Chinese, South Korean and Japanese drama even before they aired Zaido? Not to mention, weren't they also airing Heisei era Kamen Riders like Kamen Rider Faiz? They could have gotten an idea on how to do Zaido's writing. But no, this typical "Proud to be Penoy" mentality came in and produced such a disastrous garbage. There's nothing to be proud about it as it disgraces both Asian dramas and Tokusatsu at the same time.

What should be done is to forever dishonor Zaido whether as a Tokusatsu or a television drama. Anything that's garbage is garbage. I don't favor any nationality either. It's all about quality that makes a show. Unfortunately for Zaido, it should never get any honors whatsoever. It may not be bootleg legally speaking but still it's so horrible it's still considered garbage.


  1. Honestly, I didn't mind the suits and effects because I thought that is also how some of our favorite toku franchises started. The difference lies with the execution: whereas our fave toku was executed very well, thus becoming the legends that we know today; Zaido was not only executed poorly but, unfortunately, as what you should expect from the big local channels in the Philippines, telebasura tropes were thrown in which made it a lot more unlikeable.

    So yeah, next time, don't expect anything good from these channels anymore and you're better off using your TV for cable channels, video games, or don't bother having a TV at all if all you can watch is crap.

  2. My Remarks on Zaido

    1. They should have not made it a Spin off, Should had an original story
    2. The body suit is good, but the helmet is totally not, Atleast they should have gave efforts in designing the helmet
    3. It should have been a weekly Series (Remember Pintados)
    4. Make it a Comedy/Action/Drama Series (Again like Pintados)

    I dont hate this series, I just hate the way it turned out, I still hope the Philippines could have our own Tokusatsu series, originally ours


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