The Loss Of Gilas Against China Inadvertently Showed How Immature Many Filipinos Are!

So it's no secret that Gilas lost against China in a rather honorable match in a 78-67 score victory, 78 for China and 67 for the Philippines. Although I'll admit, it's a loss but it's an honorable loss and I believe when Gilas went into "beast mode" with the 101-50 victory, I just want to beleive that their opponent wasn't so well prepared for that occasion while Gilas was, something that I can commend them for after they had lost to Palestine. Any race can be caught unprepared, not just Filipinos.

When it came to the comments about China as of late, even before the game starts, some people were already showing their immaturity. Do I need to overly stress that in what the Chinese government is doing, LEAVE THE CITIZENS ALONE or that the Philippines is not the only victim? You have South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam going against China's government in its reclamation projects but a lot of their citizens aren't acting like the only victims. Plus, a basketball game is a basketball game, leave Spratlys out of it!

I don't really dismiss the possibility of using Chinese cheap tactics considering that previous administrations have also done it to other countries like Taiwan or Vietnam in certain cases, which makes me feel ashamed that I actually descended from that country. The immaturity can arise with how many Filipinos tend to think that they are the most oppressed race on Earth where they play either the "you're just jealous card" or the victim card whenever they feel like it. Puh-lease, Filipinos are not the most oppressed race on Earth, where did you get that idea? During World War 2, did Adolf Hitler target mostly Filipinos or Israelis? When America had that huge problem of equality for all races, Filipinos were just among the number and not exclusive to that oppression. Please, stop that stupid way of thinking to justify your behavior.

After the game's conclusion, there have been some pretty childish responses against Chowking which I got from ABiaS-CBN. If you look at the comments at the link I have just given, do look at how childish they are. What does Chowking have to do with this? I find it funny how anti-Chinese Filipinos have their idiocy of hating Filipino-Chinese (and now some of them accuse them of being aligned with China's latest imperialist propaganda) just because they are not Pinoy by blood but make a hypocritical heel face turn in return. Like it reminded me of those who kept speaking ill about Chinese were enjoying Jollibee and shopping in SM. With the current comments against Chowking, I wonder if those who made those tweets actually realize that Jollibee and Mang Inasal are also owned by Filipino-Chinese, Tony Tancaktiong, the same person who owns Chowking? If you hate Filipino-Chinese then don't enjoy their services.

When I think about the situation, Pinoy pridists might as well boycott Gilas because the coach is an American namely Tab Baldwin and its hosted by Filipino-Chinese businessman Manny Velez Pangilinan if they think foreigners are evil. So really, why don't they create their wholly Pinoy only basketball team and name it Pinoy Pride, where the coach is Pinoy, the financier is a Pinoy, all Pinoy and carry on with bad values that they are proud of. But putting that aside, I salute Gilas for its good sportsmanship, something many Filipinos are severely lacking!