The Problem That Many Filipinos Have The Habit Of Bad Sportsmanship!

A reminder... Gilas' achievement is THEIRS and THEIRS ALONE!

I always thought about the Gilas Team, their losses and wins and how a lot of Filipinos tend to react with their attitude. When I think about how Gilas had its struggles and losses against the Iranian team, what a lot of Filipino basketball fans did was to simply insult the Iranians for having "stinky armpits" as the reason why the team lost. Now that Gilas won in a game against Taiwan, I guess there's a lot of that annoying Failipino Pride going on again or like when a Pinoy team won against China's team, all sorts of bad comments come out. Sad to say but there's a statement that a lot of Filipinos make sore losers and arrogant winners based on the example I gave.

Like it or not, life is not always going up and success is never a straight road up. If a Filipino won any competition, it has nothing to do with race. If a Chinese team won against a Filipino team, again it has nothing to do with race. What makes one a winner for me is not about getting the medal or getting it home but winning it fair and square or two, if you lost, at least lose gracefully. That's what Gilas did during its struggles and while their wins and losses do not matter to me (note I'm not into watching the sports news), I simply address the issue that many Filipinos do not have any good sportsmanship.

I could talk about my own personal experience of how stupid Math teacher of mine was a sore loser. I believe her scandalous behavior during a Math quiz bowl got her to lose her job. It was already obvious that her team lost and mind you, she's an elementary teacher and the judges were highly-trained Math teachers. Unable to accept her loss because she's got her stupid attitude that she's always right, she quarreled the panelists insisting her team won even if they really lost. From what I heard, that's what caused her to lose her job. Sad to say but she's a microcosm of the Failipino sore loser culture. She's already in the wrong and she thinks she's still right, that attitude of stubbornness is just one of the many examples that she's a person who refuses to follow simple guidelines.

Another personal experience of mine now should at least relate to the arrogant winner mentality. It's really annoying to see the practice of free riding on successful Pinoys. As a child, I always remembered how those Failipino mates of mine would brag Filipinos are the greatest because of Cecil Licad, Lydia de Vega and later Lea Salonga-Chien(who may of them later bashed) as if they got the success themselves. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your fellow countryman's accomplishments but the moment you use it to brag that Filipinos are the greatest, then that's just plain wrong isn't it? Not to mention, the arrogant winner mentality can cause anybody to become complacent as well resulting to undoing themselves, making us forget the good they did.


  1. yep this is the generation which is starting 2 rot imagine highest electric rates in world,worst traffic worldwide then more investments daw 2 stimulate the economic growth since when did that happen in their wildest imagination?


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