A Wrong View Of Sharing Is A Huge Obstacle To Progress

In progressive nations, they have the RIGHT idea of sharing...

Don't get me wrong, I am not against a culture of sharing but against the wrong idea of it. You can see a culture of sharing in some of the most progressive countries in the world because people learn how to share their resources. Remember that Singapore and Japan have a culture of the right idea of sharing. It just reminded me of how decent Singaporeans went against that Stinkaporean cell shop that cheated Mr. Banh and made him beg for mercy... FACEDESK AND FACEWALL to that. When the Singaporeans helped him out of the predicament of being cheated by a Stinkaporean businessman and he was able to go home safe and sound, that's the right idea of sharing. People shared their resources to help a person who was truly in need and they return the favor. In Japan, work production value is so properly done because people share their resources with each other. That's the kind of sharing that many Filipinos need to learn in order to achieve progress.

I could really point out about the fact that there's such a thing as the Failipino view of sharing in the Philippines. I would like to discuss the wrong idea of sharing in the Philippines to why it's stupid. It's not Filipino culture, it's FAILIPINO culture. Now it's time for me to write an article in response to Chino Fernandez. It just reminded me of how many Filipinos tend to be united for the wrong reasons while they ironically practice crab mentality. Even if some incidents are already so long, it just reminded me of the wrong idea of sharing among many Filipinos. What's with their wrong idea of sharing? I hope I can share my humble insights and personal experiences to at least, help you understand that this nation has the wrong idea of sharing. I wonder what your experience and/or observations are, but at least, let me speak my mind. It doesn't take a genius to understand this!

I wonder how many Filipinos could talk about sharing if many of them are just greedy and selfish "palamunins" or free riders for those who can't understand Filipino because not all my readers are Filipino. If I go back to my childhood, the values education teacher said, "Filipinos are known to be generous that's why foreigners love our country." I soon thought of the values that somehow makes Filipinos as "generous" and they'd be your friends for stupid reasons. What reasons can I give? It just reminds me of how because I had really tasty lunches back then, people would keep asking portions of it even if it was obviously cooked for JUST ONE PERSON. Another is that they love the idea of gate-crashing or better known as the idea of coming in uninvited. At the same time when I remembered the number of times I wrongly accused someone of being selfish, what was my reason? It was because I did not get what I want without thinking of the EXPENSE of the other person!

Do you know you can be generous for the wrong reasons just like people can be united or divided for the wrong reasons? What kind of wrong pictures of generosity am I seeing in more than one occasion? It's easy to observe how the restaurants usually have the most amount of customers during the middle of the month and end of the month because it's payday. Based on my observation, when it's payday, it's time for a blowout. Now I have nothing against blowouts but sometimes, it might be best to save the money for an occasion like the birthday of your fellow worker right? In another case, it reminds me of the whole stupidity of raising your lazy relative. I remembered how you can have even the simple worker who is raising a lazy relative. At the same time, the whole idea of raising a lazy relative is one of the many reasons why so many OFW families remain poor!

At the same time, there's always the thinkers doers in the scenario. These selfish palaminuns can accuse people of being lazy and selfish when in fact, they are the ones who are lazy and selfish. In short, I hate to admit it but give and take is an endangered value in the Philippines especially if you can observe the limitation of foreign ownership to only 40% when in other countries, you can have a minimum of 50% and you can adjust it even if they don't immediately grant 100% ownership. They are the ones who are lazy and selfish. It reminds me of how the typical scene (at least to my own experience and assumptions) that when the balikbayan box arrives, it's time to fight over the pasalubong. They are lazy because they didn't even contribute to a single cent to the welfare of the whole home. What's worse is that when the contributor says, "That's it! You people need to work your lazy asses!" then expect this the leeches will accuse the contributor of being lazy and selfish. So really, LOOK WHO IS CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK!

When it comes to a proper culture of sharing, remember it's ALWAYS give and take and never take and take or give and give, you have to share your contribution and receive the contribution of others to make the wheel turn. If nobody gives then nobody receives, BOTTOM LINE. When it comes to progress, one must realize that it's all about giving and taking. In the business environment between the boss and the employee, it's still give and take and people must be paid according to performance to motivate them to do better. In doing business with customers, why must the customers pay regardless of the wrong notion that "the customer is always right" which is best said as, "Treat the customer right." If the customer does not pay up, how can the company get money to pay for ALL its expenses - not just salaries but also utility bills and outstanding credit it has from suppliers? Sad to say but as said with the bugoy (crude) mentality they'll just say, "Eh mayaman naman yung tao! Bakit hindi siya laging magpalibre?" or for non-Tagalog speakers, it means "Well the person is rich, why won't he or she always give everything for free?" just to justify their stupidity showing how they lack knowledge in EVEN basic economics which in turn, leads to backwards thinking.

It's sad to say but the Philippines is really a country where is all about rewarding the lazy while punishing the diligent. Worse, people continue to appeal to the slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" to justify their error at several levels of willful stupidity. As said, GET REAL, so really what's next? They'll call that idiotic office called the Commission of Human Rights? If you want something then WORK FOR IT. It just reminds me of how often that I started saving money, I started buying the stuff I wanted, I started feeling more satisfaction than the spoiled brats who used to bully me when I was still a child. Do I still want my revenge? Nah, I already had it because a lot of them are now just useless bums who even had to beg their parents for the One Direction ticket while I could afford it but chose not to, because I decided to purchase something I can bring home and enjoy for more than just one event.