The Need For Important Reforms In Filipino Culture!

Culture is something that must learn to adjust for the better.  A bit of cultural change can be seen in how Chinese culture changed overtime like adding of women's rights, more Chinese people are continuing to oppose eating of dogs and cats, women already have rights... just think what if the Chinese people didn't accept any changes for the better.  Likewise the same can be applied to Filipino culture.  I really hate it when people say they love the culture of dysfunction and that Filipino culture must stay the way it is, even if most of the country has to stay dirt poor.  If you ask me, these guys DO NOT love the Philippines but they really are its passive haters.  They are not doing anything to improve the Filipino image.

Looking back at the history of the Philippines, don't tell me that Filipino culture just came overnight and poof it was there and that's it because the mentality of going against progress in general is STUPID.  Before the Spanish colonization, the Filipinos (prior to being called Filipinos or Pinoys) were natives and from what I heard, they were hardworking but were brought lazy by the Spanish colonizers especially with the fiesta habit.  Whether you like to admit it or not but much of Filipino cuisine was developed by Spanish influence and later it was influenced by Chinese, Japanese and American.  While the Spanish brought the archipelago to civilization but sad to say they have also introduced the habit of procrastination and living like there's no tomorrow.  A lot of bad values that many Filipinos practice today were also brought by the Spaniards.

I don't believe anymore in "authentic Filipino" culture any more than I believe in "authentic Chinese" culture maybe except for cooking like you don't serve any other styles of cooking in a Filipino restaurant, except Filipino style.  Many times whenever I call for some important reforms I tend to get labeled as "Eh Sino Ka?  Hero?" or "Anti-Filipino" because I oppose a lot of practices that bad Filipinos are proud of and decent Filipinos hate to uphold.  Practices like habitual tardiness, throwing their garbage here and there, a foul sense of humor, anti-intellectualism, and NOT following simple guidelines are part of the horrible culture of dysfunction all in the name of democracy.  If the Filipino culture has something wrong with it, don't you think it's about high time we change it?  Does it make anybody "less Filipino" if they show up on time, properly dispose of their garbage, refine their sense of humor, embrace intellectualism and follow guidelines?  Not at all as these changes improve the image of the Filipino.

Maybe a good example of cultural change is how Filipino food can evolve overtime.  Remember Filipino cuisine did not just pop out but rather it went out overtime.  I remembered the time that some people argued with me that the "authentic Filipino" way of preparing dishes like chicharon bulaklak, crispy pata and lechon kawali was only by frying.  When I introduced the alternative of broiling them instead of frying them, many of them got shallow and said I am ruining the flavor as if frying was a Filipino concept.  Even when I told them about how broiling these dishes would greatly reduce the greasiness of the food but they prefer the greasy version than the version which greatly reduced the oil and kept the flavor as is.  It might be the reason why a lot of them are really stupid because too much cholesterol is among the nine stuff that may explain why a lot of Filipinos are very stupid.

If you want to know the excuse for their desire not to reform Filipino culture is to say that "it's tradition" or "we are born with it" as if they weren't enjoying the benefits of progress.  Whether they like it or not, they won't be able to watch their beloved telebasurasi in stations like ABiaS-CBN if wasn't for the introduction of technology needed to run a TV station or a movie studio.  They won't be able to listen to their Obviously Palpak Music (OPM) if it wasn't for the introduction of stuff you need to run a record studio, produce CDs and have it sold in digital format in i-Tunes.  Oh don't tell me that their gadgets or whatever weren't assembled in China because almost everything is really manufactured there even if they weren't bootleg or pirated goods.  Even today's Filipino style houses are a result of foreign influence which made me amazed that some Filipino restaurants are made of concrete but has the impression most of it was made of wood.

If they really want to go "authentically Filipino" I wonder why they aren't living in nipa huts (which isn't even exclusive to the Philippines), wear bahag instead of Western-style clothing (even locally produced clothes have Western influence), speaking in baybayin, writing in alibata, etc. in short, they should go back to the native way of life because a lot of stuff they enjoy today are a result of FOREIGN influence.  It should also mean they should even STOP using the Internet because it was made by Americans, they should stop watching television because their TV sets weren't made in the Philippines but it may be Made in China and in short, give up anything that isn't produced in our country.  I raised these questions to really expose how stupid the Sariling Atin Only is in the long run because it's stupid and not to mention, very irrational.