"Eh Di Magpabaril Ka Rin!" Is Another Stupid Response From Filipinos Who Refuse To Fight For Change!

Considering today is Ninoy Aquino day, I am reading comments like, "Ninoy was no hero. He was a just a man who refused to shut up so good riddance he was assassinated. You better shut up if you don't want to end up like him." Now I really DO NOT like that really idiotic son of his, President Nobita Aquino and two, why vote for the son all because his father is Ninoy or why vote for Cory just because her husband is Ninoy? While I am against necropolitics but I still felt like Ninoy (until all accusations are proven otherwise) might be another inspiration for my blog aside from Dr. Jose Rizal. Looking at both Ninoy and Rizal, some of those idiots tell me, "Ehi di magpabaril ka rin!" or "Why don't you get yourself shot." whenever I share my "Communist ideas" such as my desire for a disciplinary state and not something that agrees with their own dysfunctional sense of freedom.

I am really afraid but the problem back in martial law years still continues today not only in the form of corrupt officials who continue the crony and oligarchy system but also in people who are indifferent about the welfare of others. Such people are choosing to live in Lala-Land instead of fighting for a better Philippines in any way they could. When I think about the social injustices of today and what I can do, I tend to get a comment, "Eh di magpabaril ka rin?" or "Eh sino ka? Hero?" type of reaction whenever I write something like this blog. When I think about people tell me I'm just a man who refuses to shut up, I might as well say, "Well I can shut up about nonsense but not about stuff that really need to be spoken about." then they reply, "Well I hope somebody shoots you, you hero wannabe!"

What's so incredibly ironic some of the people who tell me stuff like I mentioned in the previous paragraph are the blind supporters of President Nobitaand his administration that has been nothing more than a circus. So really, they voted for President Nobita because he is the son of Ninoy and Cory, they praise Ninoy for being a hero then they hypocritically make a heel-face turn when somebody takes a life-taking risk to fight for a better Philippines or two, they become indifferent about the ills of the country saying, "Eh wala tayong magagawa." when Ninoy once said that he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he didn't do anything when he could do something. The truth behind the statement of, "Eh wala tayong magagawa." is really the opposite of what Ninoy said! Their habit of watching Kris TV or whatever garbage ABiaS-CBN has to offer which again, defeats the purpose of what Ninoy said he can't forgive himself if he didn't do anything when he could do something.

Those idiots may also want to consider that Ninoy and Marcos were once close friends, in fact from what I heard, Marcos once wanted Ninoy to be his successor until their friendship turned sour. The alleged killer Eduardo Cojuangco (cousin of Cory therefore Ninoy's cousin-in-law) was also a Marcos crony. Getting past that, I could really think of the KKK that many Filipinos follow namely defend one's Kamag-anak (relative), Kapatid (sibling) and Kaibigan (friend) in what they do. Dont' believe me? Just look at how those stupid Filipino activists are when they defend their fellow guilty citizens or when they have their stupid victim card mentality. I just thought that Ninoy could have chosen not to oppose his good friend Marcos during that time but, sometimes your good friend today might be your worst enemy tomorrow right? He also had a cousin-in-law Eduardo as a Marcos crony or let's just face it, he also has two problematic children namely Nobita and Kris. Plus, he could have still kept having the stupid Sabah belongs to Philippines claim for the sake of kabayan but he chose to drop it which I think is the right thing to do.

Maybe I could bring up the issue of the anti-cybercrime law's libel clause. Now I am in favor of any law made to curtail cybercrime but the whole libel clause that a person can go to jail for simply liking or posting something about other people is too much. Now I'll admit I do get upset when other people write something about me but it's stupid for me to want to lock such people up unless what was written was threatening my welfare. Sad to say but the Philippines is really ruled by the Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law. While it's upsetting to have people make fun of you on the Internet but to order them jailed or pay such a hefty fine for what is otherwise considered as non-threatening to one's livelihood or well-being is stupid. Which reminds me that any repressive free speech policies that equate constructive criticism with mockery and libel is just stupid as equating any form of disagreement with bigotry and hatred. But as Ninoy said that you can lock up a person or kill him but the soul cannot be imprisoned just like even after Rizal was shot, the ideas were never lost and sad to say, most people are just ungrateful for what the heroes of the past did whenever they play the indifferent card or tell the heroes of today, "Eh di magpabaril ka rin?"

With all the indifference, I cannot help but still be sickened by it especially with the current Aquino vs. Marcos whoever wins we lose scenario. When I think about Marcos loyalists, they keep ignoring how the Marcoses ruined the Philippines during the martial law years. When I think about the Aquino loyalists they fail to see the mistakes of the Cory presidency and what needs to be changed or worse, they keep voting for the Aquinos because of Ninoy and not for individual credit. Worse, President Nobita himself is really someone who has also undid some of his late father's reforms such as the anti-cybercrime law or if I'm not wrong, trolls are paid to attack sites like Get Real Philippines to make sure the truth doesn't come out. Come on, don't tell me that I should just shut up and do happy-happy, live in Lala-Land when I could actually use my talent in writing to exercise the statement that, "The pen is mightier than the sword." when it comes to reforms?

Should people be quiet when the Ninoy Aquino International Airport needs REAL fixing? Man, it was named after Ninoy a person who wasn't a guy for Pwede Na Yan, now that airport is plagued by it and it's still in the top ten world's worst airports. What is worse is that it can affect tourism because not all airports in the Philippines cater to international flights. You want better tourism? David Guerrero's stupid slogan is not the answer. So really Filipinos are now paying 32% for income from PHP 500,000 and above yet no tax money is used to fix the NAIA? It's really stupid to pay high prices but you get trashy services. It just reminds me of why I don't return to certain restaurants even when I can afford the food but if it's expensive and doesn't taste good, then never mind. I also feel the same way why I didn't buy the One Direction tickets because while I can afford to buy one but it was just an hour concert compared to if I bought myself something I can enjoy for a long time.

Just as Ninoy said that he cannot forgive himself if he could have done something and did nothing at all, maybe I can say, "Well I'm no hero and I have no intention to get shot. But if I should get shot, so be it!" The same goes for Jose Rizal as well that he knew his life would be in danger for writing reformist ideas for a better Philippines. So really, if all they tell me is, "Ehi di magpabaril ka rin?" I might just say, "Well at least if I am getting shot, it's because I got shot fighting for what's right! Unlike you, you have nothing to die for."