Why Ignoring The Current Problems of the Philippines WILL NOT MAKE THEM GO AWAY!

While it's true that ignoring a troll can make them go away but remember, you can't play the ignore game all the time.  You can always ignore an insult but if the person is already a threat to your physical well-being, then you have to either defend yourself, run or call for help.  Likewise, majority of the Filipino people fail to see the reality that ignoring the current problems of the Philippines will NOT make the problems of the Philippines go away.  I mean, can ignoring a headache or a toothache make it go away?  No you have to take some medication or in the case of the toothache, you might need to see the dentist and have it treated.  You CANNOT always ignore a problem nor should you always ignore what other people have to say.

There is always the sorting and the shifting.  Criticisms are like spices and condiments.  You throw away the bad criticism and you receive the good criticism.  You get rid of bad garlic and you use fresh garlic... that's how criticism should be accepted and rejected.  Any criticism that is meant to put down should be ignored.  However any criticism like, "The city really needs better garbage collection and disposal.  Your city is already a dump.  Please consider how this will affect tourism." is a good one.  Unfortunately, a lot of people in the Philippines are very onion-skinned.  Do you remember why Claire Danes got the persona non-grata staff?  It was because she criticized Metro Manila's lack of sanitation?  Sadly, choosing to remain onion-skinned is indeed the wayward path of the Failipino or FLIPFAG.  As said, FLIPFAG means "Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance PURPOSELY For All Generations".  Offended by that term?  Maybe it's because you are loving all the self-willed incompetence/ignorance on purpose.  You are not born stupid, you choose to be stupid when you SEE THE TRUTH BUT REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT!

Do you know why the Philippines has had one bad administration after the other?  It's because they keep ignoring the big problems that can hurt the economy.  Like it doesn't take a rocket economist to realize that squatters are human rights violators, that the NAIA needs to be fixed, the train systems of Manila are not getting any safer, law enforcement needs to be stricter and that OFW reliance is just stupid.  In short, they are taking pride in the FAILURES OF THE FILIPINO... hence that's why I even use the term "Failipino Pride" to cut a long phrase short and to separate decent Filipinos from the bad ones.  I am not looking for fights because if I were looking for fights, I would have answered to stupid comments long ago and I don't approve of them and if they threaten me, I'll just ignore them and I'll only use force to defend myself.  As the saying goes, "The one who loses is temper is the one who loses the argument."