Thoughts On Lea Salonga's Tweet On Philippine Independence Day

For any decent minded Pinoy or Filipino, do you remember any Failipino/FLIPFAG had free-rode on her success (that was very last 90s) which in turn makes them credit grabbers.  I remembered how often Failipinos would say, "Horray!  We are the most powerful race in the world!" where they would cites some successful Pinoys or Pinays which just stupid, stupid and VERY STUPID in their stupid game of free riding and credit grabbing.

Looking at the fact her husband is a Chinese-Japanese guy named Robert Charles Chien (hence, she is currently Mrs. Lea Salonga-Chien).  Now didn't those FLIPFAGs I personally knew first, hate Chinese, love Failipino Pride and do you know that Lea herself criticized Anne Curtis' really bad concert?  Again, I guess a lot of Failipinos have really made a heel face turn whenever the person they ride on throw them off.  Sorry but Lea's success is hers and hers alone and she has every right to reject Pinoy Pride aka Failipino Pride.  Yes she's Filipino but she's not like the Failipinos.  She's among the decent Pinoys and Filipinos of the Philippines, she's not among the Failipinos.

Now you may want to take a look at her Twitter status with all the butthurt Failipinos and enlightened Pinoys sharing their thoughts.  Boy the tears are getting delicious!

Just one example is by Rey Pinyoko who has now attacked Lea Salonga as "stupid" for liking the twit.  Wow, observe the wrong English.  I noticed how FLIPFAGs often have their stupid carabao English, maybe they always hated it because they prioritize their Tagalog more.  Then after Lea Salonga corrected the grammer, Rey Pinyoko then gets personal then he beats around the bush.  He just called Lea as "stupid" now he says he doesn't hate her.  Don't make me laugh!

Now we have another FLIPFAG named Tarhata Rico Puno who now goes to react mockingly against Lea Salonga.  if you observe above, the person is just trolling and as said, "NEVER FEED THE TROLL!"  At the same time it made me think, didn't FLIPFAGs use to free ride on her and now it looks like a good amount of them now hate her for speaking what's offensive to them.  Oh boy, that's just how balimbing the Failipino really is!

Fortunately Lea Salonga is a person who is for changing the Filipino for the better, not for the worse and I salute her!