Pinoy Pride Won't Help The Philippines Defeat China!

Looking at how tactless President Nobita was when he compared China to Nazi Germany, he may have failed to remember the fact his grandfather Benigno Aquino Sr. was also a Japanese collaborator. In what he is doing, he is already inviting the ire of the Chinese Army and two, provoking a huge dragon while you're defenseless is just plan stupid. Again, since when has President Nobita really have any normalcy in him for most of the time? Sad to say but he may soon be ruining Philippines/China relations not only during the Rolando Mendoza incident but also during the time he tried to plead for the lives of the three drug mules.

Just be practical folks, do you think the Philippine Army really has a CHANCE against the huge army of China? Remember China is not just purely brute force, they are also masters of tactical warfare as well. China right now has an incredibly powerful army. No amount of yelling "Filipinos are the greatest race in the world." will ever render a real victory. Like it or not, the Philippines isn't even ready to beat China. You can go ahead and get mad at me because I'm Chinese by blood, maybe raise a preposterous accusation that I'm a Communist agent from China (WOW THEY MUST BE AMAZINGLY INTELLIGENT, I APPLAUD IT THAT I'M STUPID AND YOUR'E SMART #SARCASM), etc. but the truth is, the Philippines is not ready to beat China at its current state. Did Pinoy Pride help Gilas (Hilas) win their matches abroad? NO! If any Pinoy wins big time, it's HIS OR HER ACHIEVEMENT and for that person ALONE. Being Pinoy or any other ethnicity DOES NOT DETERMINE A PERSON'S SUCCESS.

Whoever made this video is already dreaming. It's delusional because the Philippines is very ill-equipped and two, stupid ultranationalists even want the U.S. out. Just think, they couldn't even handle the Mamasapano Incident properly and the president is even stupid to not to further investigate the blunder of Alan Impurisima. Oh yeah, what's next? President Nobita will blame Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for the Philippines' ill-equipped military? President Nobita, HINDI KA NAGIISIP!

Again, those FLIPFAGs can go ahead and flash this stupid sign when China invades. If they think they are the most powerful race in the world, go ahead and let them enjoy their error. Go ahead and say I'm being unnationalistic and a secret Chinese collaborator, but this flag will do no good should China ever invade the Philippines. Oh go ahead and say, "I'll punch you if you don't accept Pinoy Pride! I better not see you in the Philippines you Pinoy Pride rejecter!" but... the truth of the matter is, Pinoy Pride won't help the Philippines defeat China especially in a nation filled with indifference, crab mentality, laziness and incompetence.