It's More Fun In The Philippines x Bad Experience/Different Outcome For Tourists = REAL PAINFUL BACKFIRE!

Well David Guerrero should simply wake up from Lala Land because one day, that slogan may backfire on his face. I should mention some few basic facts. I don't know what was really in David Guerrero's head when he made the slogan. Simply, I felt like he isn't using his brain especially when I read from ABiaS-CBN (dated 5/4/2012) that the biggest problem is not the negative perception but zero perception of the country. All I can say is the guy is terribly misguided and mistaken! No matter how many times you do a lot of promotion of a bad product as a good one, the truth will always come out. Has he really thought of the nation's problems first?!

Let's think about the person who's a travel blogger who hasn't heard too much of the Philippines. So at first, he says, "Well I'll give it a try and see the truth for myself." Now let's see he arrives at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport but he sees people just throw their garbage left and right, lots of ceiling cracks, swindling taxi drivers, super duper trafficwhile on the way to the desired tourist spotsand maybe, while he's flying, he says "WOW!" not in a positive way but a very negative way seeing all the slums of Tondo, Manila and that's a very unpleasant sight. But that's not going to be the end of the bad experience.

Now let's say he wants to buy some stuff in the Philippines because some stupid person wrote, "You'll never get cheated. Buying gadgets in the Philippines is a safe venture." Then let's just say he went to Green Hills and got swindled in the process of buying a smartphone and he calls the cops. Worse, maybe Commission on Human Rights will defend the cheater instead of the victim. I may not even expect help for the poor tourist but he would be lucky if some Pinoys would actually help him out so he can leave the Philippines safe and sound. It would be a real bad backlash when he finally writes it down and it becomes viral especially with some solid evidence against the tagline. Then here comes the persona non-grata staff towards that person instead of sympathizing with the victim which is stupidity at its finest.

Arrogant Filipino squatters
You may also consider the unsightly sight of squatters and garbage here and there. While it's the people's responsibility to get out of poverty, but the anti-squatting laws are not operational. What that idiotic Commission on Human Rights is doing is also defending squatter's rights. You can have the sight of garbage here and there. Even if it was a very long time, I can still remember Claire Danes' persona non-grata because she criticized Manila's sanitation to be very sub-standard.

Not to mention, poor law enforcement gave some Chinese tourists a very horrible experience with Rolando Mendoza (by now, Anti-Chinese Failipinos may still be considering him a hero). Poor law enforcement really crashed down tourism no thanks to SWAT units in the Philippines. It might be best to call the SWAT as Stupido Wacko At Tanga because of how unprepared they were to handle the situation. So really, it's time to get rid of Pwede Na Yan. Although the incident happened before the slogan but still, you cannot deny that being hostage is NOT more fun in the Philippines.

What's really so sad is how often the cartoon above actually shows what's wrong with the Philippines - the fake crown of Pinoy pride (better called Failipino Pride because indeed, these bad Filipinos tend to take pride in their failures hence the term), a salakot labeled as rotten nationalism, the near nakedness caused by poverty and corruption covered only by a g-string of incompetence and wielding the persona non-grata staff while ignoring a lot of problems. So really, is it really more fun in the Philippines? As said, it should be an aim, not a campaign. Otherwise, it's just plain SWINDLING and it will continue to give the Philippines the reputation as a country of swindlers.