It's More Fun In the Philippines Should Be The Goal, Not The Promotion!

As said, David Guerrero's stupid slogan may backfire on his face someday.  Why do I say that?  You can have all the fancy sloganeering you have but testimonials will always ring a louder bell.  Again, David Guerrero needs to explain why Switzerland ranks 1st in the world happiness chart and the Philippines ranks 89th?!  Come on, I dare him to kindly explain himself even more.  The ghastly slogan itself might be responsible for the culture of dysfunction and impunity.

Why do I say the slogan "It's More Fun In The Philippines" should be the goal, not the promotion?  As I mentioned earlier, you can sloganeer all you want, have all the fancy package but in the end, it backfires.  People may at fist get suckered up by the ghastly slogan but later experiences will really prove it to be a big fat lie.  Do you even observe how competent products are advertised?  They never advertise themselves to be the best.  For example, Army Navy writes, "Walk In Hungry, Come In Happy" and it's true to it - true the prices are high but it's because you are paying for really delicious, huge-sized food.  Chatime says, "Good Tea Good Time" or KFC has "Finger Lickin' Good"... and they try to keep true to their taglines.

But what about "It's More Fun In the Philippines"?  I am thinking that the slogan itself has become the opium of Filipino society, which has horrendously created a dysfunctional society.  Looking at the opium war in China, the British used recreational opium to dumb down the masses.  Likewise, slogan itself may be viewed as the new opium of society - while opium is a pain reliever, sad to say but the Philippines may have an overdose of pain relievers.  If you want to know how the overdose of pain relievers is done, it's through the biggest B.S. network called ABiaS-CBN and its extension, ABiaS-CBN News Network that keeps saying, "Philippines is Asia's next miracle!  Philippines is doing great!" never mind that GDP increase does not mean we have a bright future.

If you want tourism and investment to increase in the Philippines, the government should learn from other countries and not just sloganeering like there's no tomorrow.  It should learn not only Switzerland's slogan but also its policies.  Though in my case, I could talk about the Asian context for now.  Which is, come on, get rid of the stupid FLIPFAG economics - it's NOT helping the Philippines.  If you want more investors, open up the economy!  As said, 60/40 is stupid and unfair, again and again I said it for A MILLION TIMES that foreign investment is NOT foreign invasion!  Telling them it's more fun to invest in the Philippines then restrict them to 60/40 rather than flexible ownership (which is the right kind of protection not just for local businesses but for ALL investors should have) would backfire.

To finish, let me use an illustration.  Let's think of two Pinoys and their products.  The first Pinoy prepares delicious piaya and the second Pinoy prepares pagpag.  The piaya is marketed as "The tasty treat from Bacolod cooked with love" and the pagpag is marketed as "The best tasting food in the Philippines!".  Now the marketing comes... at first people may be deceived into buying pagpag but bad taste and bad health would cause them to backfire.  Meanwhile the piaya may not get as many customers at first but the good taste becomes a word of mouth... which in turn, causes more people to buy the piaya from the decent Pinoy vs. the pagpag from the Pinoy who's a Failipino.