In Any Stories About The Aquinos or Marcoses: TAKE THEM WITH A GRAIN OF SALT!!!!

I always had my thoughts about Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. was a war hero, that Ninoy Aquino was a Commie, etc. just made me me think those are stories from Marcostards.  Then when we hear of Marcos stories that exaggerates what he did (well I don't stand that the late dictator was any hero either), there's much from the Aquino camp.  Whitewashing and mudslinging have always been involved in politics especially we have both President Nobita Aquino and Senator Bongbong Marcos in their extremely childish feud with each other.  Who knows - maybe they used to be playmates and they had a feud because Bongbong defeated Noynoy in a game of hide and seek or playing marbles but I'm just speculating okay?  The plain truth is that SENSATIONALISM SELLS!  So make a well-written lie, sell it and you get presto, lot of sales right?

Consider the biases that Aquinotards and Marcostards have against each other.  Remember for them, their party is the best and can do no wrong.  For the Marcostard, the martial law years were the best when in fact, they were the foundation for today's decayed government.  For the Aquinotard, President Nobita is the best - Nobitards are so amazingly stupid in how they refuse to accept that the current leader is just human and that, he is also prone to mistakes.

If you remember how President Nobita's campaign was, it wasn't about him.  It was about his parents and two, I think they may have exaggerated the late Ninoy's accomplishments or two, made it look like that President Nobita was the one in EDSA when he wasn't.  It was stupid really to vote for him just because he was the son of the late Ninoy.  Come on, fathers and sons aren't meant to be alike, they are different individuals.  You can have a father with good English skills while his son is a talented writer.  I guess a lot of people just voted for President Nobita only because of his late parents and not because of who he is.  I guess people just want to keep making up exaggerated and sensationalized stories about the Aquinos to make this idiot win.

I have also considered the possibility of a Bongbong Marcos presidency on 2016 might not be good.  My current opinion is that I think he's not going to make a good president either considering he keeps claiming his late father could have progressed the Philippines.  Come on, the Marcoses still haven't remitted the ill-gotten wealth and that the Marcos years basically corroded the economy by creating the oligarchy system and a series of human rights violation.  However one can see that Bongbong himself is against that stupid Bangsamoron Basic Law or two, he really showed up when the SAF 44 bodies arrived and that, he still had real achievements as a Senator than his rival President Nobita.  However, judge Bongbong based on who he is, not his late father.  Judging people by their parents is nothing more than hard-driven stupidity as good kings can also have bad sons and bad kings can also have good sons.