Are Pinoy Tokusatsu Fans Necessarily Childish?

As a casual Tokusatsu fan of certain genres like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, I tend to get accused of being childish by the "feeling mature" crowd. I haven't had the motivation to write the article but later, I thought this might be nice to address about Pinoys who are fan of certain genres of Tokusatsu. There are several fans who do what they do as fans whether it's fan fic writing, fan art (and some of them are really good, I am a terrible artist), cosplaying or some are just the average fans. Now it's time to answer the question on are Pinoy Tokusatsu fans childish? The answer is it depends, it's a case to case basis since there are mature Tokusatsu fans or immature Tokusatsu fans. You will get to meet several types of Tokusatsu fans like the casual fan (which I am) or the die-hard fan but as said, there are always responsible or irresponsible fans.

Now is it childish to collect toys, cosplay or watch Tokusatsu? Not really, these activities do not necessarily derail anybody's level of maturity. I can imagine what if the cosplayer himself or herself actually wants to advertise his costume making skills hoping to get more customers for his amazing skills in clothes making. A toy collector might be buying toys for the sake of displaying them as art instead of playing with them. Those who watch Tokusatsu may have other reasons to watch it like they want to feel young at heart or for the sake of childhood nostalgia. What can be considered as immature within Tokusatsu fandom is if they are engaged in useless fan wars or talk too much about Tokusatsu... or if you're going to talk absurd, go to work wearing your cosplay attire instead of a place like a cosplay convention or a children's party.

I remembered back then I was told something like, "Hey grow up! Power Rangers is for babies!" by the feeling mature FLIPFAGs. So what was their definition of maturity anyway? Some of them can be like, "YUCK! You are 30 years old and you are watching Super Sentai!". The other person may deserve the line, "Hey you are 13 and you are an unwed parent!" or "You are 13 and you are already always getting drunk and you are always getting into fights!" Based on my personal experience anyway and this may not be true for others, I remembered also how many of them are also obsessed with watching telebasuras. Some of them based on my experience even go as far as to think that watching those telebasuras instead of Tokusatsu is a mark of maturity.

I don't deny childish Tokusatsu fans and mature Tokusatsu fans do exist. Telebasuras on the other hand are known for their immaturity as described in the picture above. They DO NOT make you think compared to how Tokusatsu can have thought provoking moments, trying new stuff whenever possible, a build-up of suspense... the telebasuras have a very different effect. I have noticed that a lot of characters in the telebasuras are more childish than your average Super Sentai villain who are making typically convoluted/unbelievable plots to achieve their purpose. You may consider how Super Sentai villains have different personalities compared to the villains in Failipino teleseryes. Plots in Tokusatsu aren't all that predictable either - while some are predictable (ex. heroes saving the day) but in between, you tend to get a lot of puzzle pieces that will get you interested to watch the show.

Part of my experience was also how I got told, "Oh you like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider so much? Why don't you move to Japan? As for me, I am a nationalistic person and I'd watch those teleseryes you dare to call as telebasuras." What I cannot help but fail to notice before is that the same person who told me I should move to Japan was watching telebasura on a Japanese branded TV set. I can't help but laugh at that FLIPFAG's hypocrisy whenever it happens. Hmmm... if he hates anything not Filipino then he should buy a TV set that's purely Filipino branded, no imported parts and made in the Philippines. Oh wait, isn't it nonexistent right? At the same time, I have noticed how a lot of telebasura viewers have that behavior that can be described as pretty much like their telebasuras - OA acting, OA yelling, OA crying... you name it!

Meanwhile, most Tokusatsu fans I've met are actually responsible and mature people. I know a tenant of mine who is a Tokusatsu fan who is a married man with a child who collected Tokusatsu toys for display purposes, he's a very responsible person otherwise he wouldn't be able to pay his rental on time. Meanwhile, the FLIPFAGs that I have met in the past are just living in Loserville and Lalaworld, they watch the nonsense that is Kris TV, some of them would even gladly skip their obligations just to watch Deal or No Deal or to see any local celebrity from ABiaS-CBN or GMA-7 live at the mall, wow are they acting like the celebrities knew them? Wow, so much for those FLIPFAGs I knew personally for saying that Pinoy Tokusatsu fans are childish huh?


  1. If not toku or anime, then I would rather watch kids shows like Sesame Street or Batibot over KrisTV and bastardized-err-Tagalized foreign shows any day...


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