Viral Video: Failipino Scolded By His Foreigner Boss!

Here's a video that has gone viral with a foreigner scolding his Failipino employee.  In truth, I have noticed how often "Filipino time" has become an excuse.  Based on the dialogue, the boss said, "You are ALWAYS LATE."  It's already wrong for the foreigner boss to scold the Failipino in public but if I were him, I might have already erupted like that with an employee who is always late.  The employee keeps using "Filipino Time" as an excuse to which Failipinos have for their habitual tardiness.  

Putting myself in the shoes of the foreign employer, remember people have their limits and I would have already committed the same mistake.  It reminded me of why I even had to shout at a subordinate in public for habitually testing my patience.  I noticed Failipino employees have all their bad excuses and their "Failipino pride" or they call punctuality as a component of "tyranny" and "non-nationalism".  It's really annoying how Failipinos always use their being "Filipino" to justify such stupidity.  What's next?  Bring up David Guerrero's ghastly slogan say, "Being late, it's more fun in the Philippines"?  

What is more annoying is how people keep thinking being late is not an offense at all.  Excuse me, do you realize the stress that being late can cause?  It makes the person waiting for you to get angry, it means you have no word of honor, it causes delays.  What is worse is that whenever I complain about people being tardy, they tell me nonsense like, "Well you like being on time?  Go back to China!  This is the Philippines!" or "You are a Communist aren't you?  We are a democracy and being democratic tolerates being late."  Wow indeed, wow to the stupidity of Failipinos which makes every decent Filipino puke or blow up!

If you want to really know what is Filipino time, it's do time ACCORDING TO THE PHILIPPINE TIMEZONE.  I remembered how my teacher said, "Yes we follow Filipino time but it's all about tht, if it's 3:00 P.M. in the Philippines, then you must show up at 3:00 P.M. in the Philippines."  It's time for on-time Pinoys to finally stand up and say, "Pinoy Ako, On Time Ako" meaning "I'm a Pinoy and I'm on time!"