Maybe It's Better To Rename "Pilipinas Got Talent" To "Pilipinas Got No Talent" Huh?

Well ABiaS-CBN should rename their show to "Pilipinas Got No Talent" with judges as GAGA as they are!

Do you remember how Gerphil Flores who OUTPERFORMED all the other contestants wasn't given the award she deserved?  It made me think of how HYPOCRITICAL Failipinos are - they tend to look down at every Filipino who deserves success and if they ever hit gold abroad, they free ride on that person especially with what happened with Gerphil Flores.  I was simply amazed with the STUPIDITY of the two judges on how they chose those underperformers as the winners INSTEAD of the real winner.  Because of that, I feel like it's really time to rename "Pilipinas Got Talent' to "Pilipinas Got No Talent".

Now before any Failipino or FLIPFAG will again miss the point (as always), we may need to take a look at why I propose to name Kris' and Ai-ai's show as "Pilipinas Got No Talent".  I just made a statement about Filipinos who deserve success such as the talented Pinay known as Gerphil Flores.  However when you take a look at ABiaS-CBN, you can see how bad the talents really are... like come on, Kris Aquino's acting is SO BAD it makes my ears bleed or that, most of ABiaS-CBN's actors and actresses DO NOT know how to act making all their TV dramas worth being dubbed as "telebasuras" BECAUSE aside from bad writing, it's also plagued with bad acting.  The show ends up choosing people of NO TALENT instead of those who have the talent.

Again DO I NEED to keep posting this video of this talented Pinay with who YOU PINOY PRIDISTS HAVE NO RIGHT TO FREE RIDE AND BANDWAGON ON HER?  You only dare to clap if the foreign audience claps but remember, you all just kept bullying her and other Pinoys who deserve to win perhaps out of jealousy?!  If they don't see ANY real talent with that video above, if they don't see her getting the praise then... F*** OFF because the success is hers and hers alone.