FLIPFAGs Truly Deserve To Be Called "G-A-G-O"

If you know this, FLIPFAG doesn't mean Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely For All Generations.  Doesn't ignorance mean stupidity and yet FLIPFAGs choose to be smart in their own eyes, they think anyone who doesn't agree with them is stupid and an idiot, as you can observe by how they comment.  Rather than contribute intelligent discussion, they choose to derail any chance of a constructive discussion with stupid comments.  A lot of these FLIPFAG trolls join groups like Get Real Philippines trying to show everyone how "smart" they are, while they inadvertently expose just how stupid they are without them knowing it.  Being dumb is just a matter of intellect, stupid is when you refuse to accept the truth even when it's crystal clear so it makes sense to say, "You failed the test because you are stupid.  Next time, be smart enough to study and prepare for the test!" makes sense.  That's what FLIPFAGs are, they are stupid because they refuse to see the truth and change the error of their ways.  Being stupid and being smart are not measured by IQ but by one's decision making.  Like it or not, everybody has a stupid side and a smart side and we have our moments of being stupid and being smart, neither stupid nor smart is forever, it's a state of attitude.  Unfortunately for FLIPFAGs, they refuse to admit that they have their moments of being stupid.

When it comes to commenting at posts, they love to be point missers.  They dare say that they are professional but look at how unprofessional they talk.  You can see how more often than not, they do not even bother to read through the posts.  For example, you see how hypersensitive they are with certain words like "Failipino" that even if it was used like, "The Failipino is the bad Filipino who disgraces the country.  Every decent Pinoy has had enough of Failipinos ruining the Philippines." and the whole entry writes this and that saying like, "Every decent Pinoy tries to live as decently as possible, hoping to help the country recover but Failipinos are a prick to them." you still get a comment like, "Why you (insert bad words) that's Filipino NOT Failipino."  I doubt it that the one who posted the comment even bothered to read through the whole text.  Most of them just think with their emotions, never mind reading the whole text as it should be read.  Again, I expect this post to be full of hate comments from FLIPFAGs who really, really hate my guts.

You can observe how stupid FLIPFAGs are with the ultranationalist disease which has their stupidity of the "sarling atin" only mentality.  More often than not, these ultranationalists contradict themselves.  They say they'd watch all the stupid telebasuras over intellectual foreign shows in the name of "sariling atin" while their TV sets are NOT even made in the Philippines nor does it even bear a Filipino brand and while they rant ultranationalist rants, some of them even use an i-Phone (HUH?!) or any smart phones, laptops, etc. which are NOT owned by Filipino owners or some of them are made in China.  Even if there are Filipino workers in Apple or Samsung, again how would they know which smart phone was assembled by a Filipino or which smart phone was assembled by an Indonesian right?  I am still amazed at how stupid the OPM are in requesting for protectionism as if they aren't using imported equipment.  Come on, don't tell me the OPM aren't using the tunes of FOREIGN artists (I have nothing against that though considering I enjoy Mandopop songs that use the tunes of non-Mandopop songs and Freddie Aguilar's tune of "Anak" got used in many countries) and don't tell me they aren't using anything imported?

Some FLIPFAGs or should I say a lot of them really hate Filipino-Chinese like Adolph Hitler hating the European Jews.  Remember Hitler grew up very poor and he was defeated by Jews in arts, science, etc. and became bitter towards them.  FLIPFAGs are also jealous of a lot of Filipino-Chinese because while I admit, there are non-elite Filipino-Chinese (some have millions but aren't elite) and some aren't even rich but most are like the AQUINOS, COJUANGCOS, Lucio Tan, the Gokongweis and Henry Sy.  I do find it amazing how they hate Filipino-Chinese but many of them voted for that Filipino-Chinese idiot Nobita Aquino for senator then later, as president or they adore Kris Aquino and her stupid Kris TV shows.  They hate Filipino-Chinese but they also eat at Jollibee (owned by Tony TANCAKTIONG), eat pancit, use China-assembled products (ex. I admit some stuff I own were manufactured in China even if they were Japanese brands), drink Asia-Brewery beverage products, deposit their money at Allied Bank (assuming they still have money to open a bank account) or in short, avail of products and services ran by Filipino-Chinese or use something of Chinese influence all the while, hating Filipino-Chinese and blaming everything on China.  Not that I support China's bullying as of recent but still... blaming China for everything is stupid.

Many FLIPFAGs also love protectionism but hate the trashy services they keep receiving.  Come on, when will it enter their stupid heads that FOREIGN INVESTMENT IS NOT FOREIGN INVASION?  Do they EVEN use their logic to realize that any foreign investor in the Philippines must be subjected to Filipino laws EVEN IF the foreign firm owns bigger than 40%?!  I mean, even if the foreign firm owns 100% but they must follow laws, pay taxes and treat employees according to Filipino laws.  The foreign investor DOES NOT invade the land, like every trader, he or she bows down to the very country where he or she is doing business in.  At the same time, I really hate to keep repeating myself that competition breeds competitiveness.  Remove competition, you remove competitiveness.  Why is MERALCO always offering its trashy service?  It's because it has no real competition.  Why are Globe and PLDC usually offering trashy Internet?  It's because they are the only two Internet Service Providers and come on, the Philippines has 7,107 islands!  Come on, how can an oligarchy structure ever be feasible in a country that is BIGGER than Singapore.  I mean, Indonesia which is the LARGEST archipelago has better services in the midst of VERY SIMILAR problems that it suffers with our country.

The ill notion that OFWs means Filipinos are taking over the world idea, as I am a broken record in repeating it is STUPID, STUPID AND VERY STUPID!  Again, do I need to KEEP REPEATING MYSELF THAT "W" IN OFW MEANS WORKER.  Being an OFW means you go to WORK for another country, you are submitted to the LAWS OF ANOTHER COUNTRY and IF YOU BREAK THEIR LAWS, DO NOT EXPECT THE FOREIGN COUNTRY TO BOW DOWN TO THE FILIPINO GOVERNMENT!  Even with the Flor Contemplacion incident 20 years ago, you cannot deny how stupid FLIPFAG activist groups like Migraine International continue to condone instead of condemn the wrong behavior of their fellow citizens with their stupid VICTIM CARD thinking.  After the three drug mules were hanged for smuggling dangerous substances into China, instead of learning their lesson, they decided to hate China.  Do they even realize that the war on drugs is easier to win IF there were more jobs in the Philippines and the only way to do that is OPEN UP THE ECONOMY!  If there were more jobs available, the supply of labor for illegal Chinese drug dealers will be greatly reduced because more people have jobs and two, there will be much less excuse to be caught working for a drug syndicate.  Again, if they think they are taking over the world, the world will just laugh at them because of such stupidity.

It's a sad fact most Filipinos choose to become GAGO instead of choosing the path to avoid becoming gago.  They have their misguided notion of happiness that if it requires pain and sacrifice, they want to avoid it.  Aside from physical work that requires effort, thinking requires mental effort doesn't it?  They just want to have a good time, party, barkada (going out with peers)... now I have nothing against parties, outings and having a good time but again, work is top priority whether you like it or not.  Not to mention their idea of a welfare state is really absurd and unsustainable in the long run.  Common sense tells us if nobody works, nobody gets something right?  Unless you are incapacitated or too weak, you must do any work to contribute to others.  A landlord may earn passive income but he must be willing to attend to tenant's problems, and the tenant must pay his/her landlord rent if he/she expects to benefit of the services.  If the landlord does not get payment, how can he then repair the damages?  If the landlord does not attend to the problems of the tenant, how can he expect the tenant to continue renting the space right?  COMMON SENSE REALLY!