Failipinos/FLIPFAGs Think They're The Master Race Of The World Eh?!

Whoever made that meme above should seriously SHUT THE F*CK UP. Sorry for the crude language but FLIPFAGs are the reason why the Philippines hardly move forward especially they outnumber decent Pinoys. So why do they think they are the greatest race in the world? It's all because somebody who is Pinoy or half-Pinoy makes it big, they decide to ride on that success. Until now, I haven't gotten over the whole incident that when Sayaka Akimoto admitted that she was proud of her DUAL heritage, that she is half-Filipino that some FLIPFAGs started to ride on her. Again, it's nothing new when I consider my childhood surrounded by FLIPFAGs who use any successful Filipino to justify their stupid claim.

So what do they use to justify their claim that they are the "most powerful race". The basis of their claims are pretty shallow actually. Now I do not disagree that there are Pinoys who make it big ABROAD like in the past, they free-rode on Lydia De Vega (never mind she won because of her hard work, never because of her race), Leondro Locsin (never mind he's got Chinese descent), Lea Salonga-Chien, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and as of late, Manny Pacquiao who had become one of the top boxers in the world and I expect that with his loss, oh boy here comes the FLIPFAGs and their violent reactions even if it's clear, Pacquiao lost fair and square. Come on, there are successful people in every race... not just Filipinos. Sad to say, it's very upsetting every time a Pinoy chooses to become a Failipino.

When I think about Edz Ello's mostly silent investigation (I hope he really gets deported), he already thinks that he is better than the Singaporeans. I would agree Pinoys can be better than the ultranationalist Stinkaporeans but FLIPFAGs are just as bad as Stinkaporeans who have anti-Pinoy sentiments in Singapore. Again, when will it enter into the thick heads of the Overseas FLIPFAG Workers that they are WORKERS and that they are to SUBMIT to the foreign laws of a foreign land to where they work? Sadly, even after the 20 years of Flor Contemplacion and the execution of the three drug mules in China last 2010, it seems like they still feel like the whole world should bow down to them. Any decent Filipino knows better than to think like that but no, not Failipinos. Again go ahead and miss the point eh FLIPFAG? You are showing everyone how stupid you are while you think you are going to show everyone how stupid I am. 3:) Wow, and a lot of these idiots think that they are taking over the world.

All I can say is if they want to prove that they are the greatest people, I suggest they form their "Pinoy only state" in some uncharted island. If they can show that they can bring progress to it like, well electrify it, bring all the necessary utilities to it WITHOUT foreign help and turn their FLIPFAG state into the greatest nation of the world, I would by the B.S. that they are indeed the master race of the world.


  1. What's just as worse as an anti-nationalist is an ultranationalist. Those are the two kinds of people that screw up any country. Whether its those people who identify themselves as Filipinos going too butthurt over Mayweather beating Pacquiao to the point of calling him gay or Americans who go racist mode on anyone in their country who isn't a full blooded American but have American citizenship. Yup, you have a point, its these people who are too nationalist or too anti-nationalist who ruin things for a country. Sayaka may have Filipino blood but that is not an excuse to disregard her Japanese heritage.
    Or...Anne Curtis may have Filipino blood but we should also acknowledge her Australian heritage.

    1. I agree with what you said. And speaking of mentioniong Sayaka and Anne Curtis, they are both only HALF.

      Colonial mentality and ultranationalism are both bad for the economy.

  2. whats wrong with half? its rare to see a pure blood pinoy. First of all, most pinoys are mixed descent. Mainly spanish, malays and chinese

    1. Nothing at all. We're all human beings. Favoring any race or nationality is also a reason why the world has wars.


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