Failipino Ultranationalists Tend To Hate Foreign Shows But Praise Filipinos Who Appear In Foreign Shows!

What I have noticed even as a child was that there was always the extreme preference of what is Filipino over anything foreign in the name of "nationalism"... while others are on the extreme opposite of colonial mentality.  Years later, I soon realized the hypocrisy of the notion because those ultranationalist Failipinos are acting like... they aren't using anything foreign or anything born out of foreign influence which is STUPID which is a result of a walking contradiction.

Now I noticed how a Failipino might say to the decent Pinoy/Filipino, "Oh wow you are a colonial mentality person.  Why can't you appreciate Zaido?  It's our sariling atin!  You are a colonial mentality lover!  You prefer to watch Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and Power Rangers!  Why don't you just go to Japan if you love Super Sentai so much or to America if you love Power Rangers so much!" as if their TV sets were made in the Philippines... watching Zaido, yelling Pinoy Pride while the TV set was of a JAPANESE BRAND like Sony (OH THE IRONY!).  But there's always the hypocritical heel face turn whenever a Filipino appears in a foreign show.

I'll admit I wrote that horrible episode where the Operation Overdrive Rangers were killed out of dignity no thanks to me having hangovers with Failipino Pridists.  All I keep hearing was like, "Boukenger sucks!  Operation Ovedriver rocks because it has a Filipino in it!"  Wow!  While I'll admit it was VERY WRONG for me to write that horrible story and to let my emotions get the best of me, come on, I would assume that a lot of the people saying that were the same people who might have told some Power Rangers fan to, "Go to America!  This is the Philippines you Power Rangers fan!" right?!  I know Rhodissa Montemayor is Filipino by ethnicity but putting the bad reception Operation Overdrive had even on Power Rangers fans, it's HER AND HER ALONE WHO'S IN THAT SHOW STUPID!  The same incident happens with their preferences to foreign shows whenever a Filipino/Pinoy is involved.  I always thought they might continue to demean Super Sentai (and OTHER Power Rangers seasons that don't have a Filipino cast member in it) that is until... somebody half-Filipino becomes a part of the cast.

Another hypocrisy might be to address is on half-Pinoys who strike gold.  I have the weird assumption that majority of ultranationalist Failipinos have the stupid notion of Pinoy racial purity.  However, we can have an incident like Sayaka Akimoto admitting that she is half-Filipino.  It's really time to free-ride on it right?  Sigh... I'm already thinking how many Failipinos must be using her right now to prove Pinoy Pride is the best never mind... they tend to be very racist themselves.