Failipino Stupidity Never Ceases To Be So Amazingly Stupid!

That's it! I change my mind! You people are
NOT worth dying for!
I remembered the statement I heard after I said Alan Purisima should be called "Alan Impurisima" because he is impure, then somebody said, "Yes Purisima is pure, purely stupid." to which I can agree to that. Moving on, I could start with some examples of how STUPID Failipinos can be based on historical examples.

Knowing that the Philippines was under Spanish influence for three centuries, even when the Spaniards were overthrown but the bad values were not. Instead of working hard to reform the Philippines, instead it continued to carry the values of its former colonizers for the worst. I mean, why can't we keep the good and kick out the bad? After all, no system is perfect isn't it? Like I would admit I do love Spanish food and there are decent Filipino-Spanish but the whole system of Imperial Spain also brought the values that created the Failipino culture of dysfunction.

At this point, I am writing this post because decent Filipinos have had enough of Failipino stupidity. Again, DO I NEED TO KEEP TELLING THOSE FLIPFAGS THAT BECOMING A FAILIPINO IS A CHOICE? Again, they are such heavy point missers and I believe they LOOOOOVE being point missers. Well bad news for them, I am NOT accepting their stupid comments because I don't want to dwell on them, like they do dwell on their angry thoughts whenever their lifestyles are criticized for dragging down the Philippines.


The "too cool for the rules" mentality

I have noticed how more often than not that Failipinos deliberately violate guidelines just for the heck of it. Simple rules go a long way whether you like it or not. Whoever cannot be trusted with little cannot be trusted with much. Remember rules exist for a reason. I would take a good example with littering and peeing/pooing anywhere you want as violations. Littering your garbage anymore is not only ugly to look at but also, it attracts pests, insects and when it enters the sewers, it disrupts the proper flow of sewer irrigation that when it rains, it results to floods. Peeing and pooing anywhere means you share your body waste, which is full of HARMFUL DISEASES. Do you know why human waste laboratories have a very strict protocol? It's because infection is carried by body wastes and just imagine if they were just around EVERYWHERE.. no wonder slum areas are full of crazy people.

Do you know why Singapore (a country that Failipinos and their sympathizers just love to label as "everybody's favorite tyranny) is progressive for a long time? It's because of rules that set society in order! Just think, if we added offenses like littering, pooing and peeing anywhere, etc. as civil offenses that can be fined like a parking ticket (although I do not propose to criminalize them like a Communist does), just think you would learn your lesson right? During the time I got fined for PHP 500.00 for my civil offense of a wrong turn, it instilled the lesson into my mind to be more aware of the rules of the road. The blue ticket served as a reminder, "You should be more careful with how you drive. You might get a pink ticket the next time." Singapore's enforcement of such rules had brought more peace and order. That idiot Amos Yee should realize that without Lee Kwan Yew, Singapore would have remained a poor state until today!

I noticed how often Failipinos tend to think, "I will kill myself if I had to follow all those rules." and blames the suicides of Singapore and Japan to strictness. Oh well, here's what I can say to them, "Okay you hate rules, then let's take the challenge. Why don't you cross the streets with all the cars running left and right? Why don't you drive your car, cross on a stop light and there's a HUUUUUGE ten wheeler approaching? Why don't you handle dangerous chemicals without gloves?" type of challenges. After all, certain rules exist for certain reasons. If they think that democracy means a country without rules, THINK AGAIN. Democracy and Communism are both a result of rules. Democracy forbids its rulers from abusing its powers while Communism permits its rulers to abuse their powers. You can never have a rule-free society.

Onion-skinned personality

I have noticed how more often than not, Failipinos are a very onion-skinned people. For one, they cannot tell the difference between CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and DESTRUCTIVE criticism. Criticism has more than one meaning and while one of its meanings means to put down, the other spells out all the merits and demerits. That is, they can't tell the difference between GOOD criticism and BAD criticism huh? I could start with how they are too sensitive to just almost everything and I have observed it even among adults.

I can understand if children or teenagers have the problem of being touchy and cranky, it's part of growing up to overcome that phase. However, I have noticed how the attitude even prevails among college students AND even adults. The professor tells them that they are wrong, many of them tend to answer back. In the work environment, the boss reprimands the employee, instead of being gracious and apologetic, they quarrel their boss. Maybe I can mention how many bloody battles start all because of something somebody said. I am not here to condone insults but to murder someone over an insult is very uncalled for. I read of how often a fight begins all because the other person doesn't want to be corrected or two, because the other person meddles too much with others. It can happen like how a Failipino driver's attention is called by the CITOM and they are supposed to pay a fine for a civil offense, instead ends up with a bloody battle because they don't want to follow guidelines.

Maybe I should mention about that stupid libel provision in the Anti-Cybercrime law that needs to be revised. The anti-cybercrime law has criminalized the very act of criticizing authorities for their wrongdoings in the Internet. That means, you can go to prison for simply liking a picture of President Nobita who is criticized for his poor performance or anybody's OPINION on the mistakes of the government and how it can be corrected. An onion-skinned culture has given birth to onion-skinned politics.

Failipino stupidity in social media

I could start with the smallest of things. I have noticed how Failipinos don't bother to finish reading posts in social media maybe because they think they are "super smart" that they can comprehend a post without having to read through it. You can notice as I said, they can word the words "Failipino" is differentiated from the Filipino and the decent Pinoy. Even if the posts differentiates Filipino from Failipino, expect them to immediately make a butthurt comment saying, "THAT IS NOT FAILIPINO, THAT'S FILIPINO." even if the entry differentiates Filipino from Failipino. As if that's the only issue I can address in social media.

More often than not, they often join cultural change groups like Get Real Philippines not to cooperate but to derail it at the same time to prove how "smart" they are, only to show everyone that they are really VERY STUPID. I hate to admit it but the administrators of Get Real Philippines Facebook page should really do some spring cleaning... that's why I created a sister group called "Anti-FLIPFAG" to combat the trolls. Like it or not, these trolls just post nothing but their stupid personal agendas or promote Pinoy Pride. While they claim to be just there to expose "so and so" to be very stupid, they show how stupid they are because smart people NEVER troll others, only stupid people do. Wait, isn't stupid the new smart? Oh I forgot, I am so stupid and they are so smart in this new generation of how smart is defined huh?

So in their quest to prove to everyone they are "smart people" they show how stupid they are with rude and crude comments. After all, think that they DO NOT even bother to finsih reading a post, maybe they think they know the whole post by just looking at a few words while real smart people scientifically analyze a post's content. Also, if they start to join cultural change groups on Facebook or other social media, do they realize that not all of the groups are that friendly towards them? Like it or not, any irritated person may either report them OR block them as not to entertain their stupidity. What's also amazing is that they think once they get blocked, they have won the argument when that is not always the case. Why I prefer to block irritating trolls is because, I don't want to engage in useless arguments. Answering idiots will just get me to stoop down to their level.

Declaring persona non-grata for the wrong reasons

Who can remember the Claire Danes incident last 1998? When Claire Danes criticized Manila for all the garbage and filth it had, she was immediately given a persona non-grata simply for criticizing the whole issue of Manila's filth. Come on, if you went to the Philippines to have a great time, wouldn't garbage and filth destroy your happy time in the Philippines? Oh so much for that stupid slogan which I will elaborate later. It was really very stupid how Claire Danes got that persona non-grata or that she is a disallowed person.

For one, persona non-gratas should be declared on outlaws, not critics. Again, it's proof of how onion-skinned Failipinos can be. Come on, instead of cleaning the place up, do they even take pride in all the filth and garbage that Manila suffers from at a HUUUUUGE scale? If I were Claire Danes, I don't think I would be able to close my mouth about ALL the heavy filth in the place. While I need to be tactful about people but again, the place is SOOOOO dirty. If a persona non-grata was declared on a Chinese national who is reported to be a druglord, that would be a real valid reason for a persona non-grata instead of banning Claire Danes all because she criticized Manila's dirty environment.

Sad to say but Claire Danes wasn't the only victim. I read how more often than not, other people of lesser significance like me end up getting banned for criticizing the negative facts about the Philippines. In fact, during the time Takeru Sato arrived in the Philippines, I was even afraid that he might soon get a persona non-grata. Either he was aware of how butthurt Failipinos are or during that day, the people hypocritically decided to clean up the place to avoid offending the guest. I really can't tell what was going on. However, do expect any foreigner who criticizes any problems the country to get a persona non-grata for the wrong reasons.

Prioritizing one's wants instead of one's needs

I remembered the experience that a classmate of mine, our group mate to be precise, decided to attend her friend's wedding in Boracay Island when there was a scheduled practice. Yes, I don't care how close they are but she had to attend that practice. I told her that even if they were close friends, duty came first and she just kept reasoning that it was more important. Wow, I really blew my top with how people like her are a reason why the Philippines isn't moving forward. I really shouted at her that loud because I could no longer hold it how she kept dancing the Hula during the practices, wishing the party in Boracay never ended. That was just a microcosm of what's wrong with Philippine society.

Later on, a more obvious example was pointed out during Takeru Sato's mall tour which really showed how starstuck people can be. If I couldn't handle the stupidity of group mates who prioritized Piolo Pascual's mall tour over an important project. Now I can understand they are jealous (it's a natural emotion and nobody is exempt from it) of the people who were there but come on, don't let your jealousy rule your head! During Takeru Sato's mall tour, it just got crazy how somebody decided to fill a fake sick leave, bought a ticket out of Davao and went to Manila to attend the conference. Now nothing is wrong with going to the event and being a fan when you are on a day off or have loads of cash, the problem was that the want was prioritized over the need. The person didn't consider the fact that she had work to do and treated the want as a need. The same may have happened over the One Direction ticket line incident which I could care less about... since the Philippines has the bigger problem called No Direction.

Then again, you can observe this in their spending habits as well. I would want to assume that while some people who bought the One Direction tickets had extra cash (and I did but I choose to buy gadgets), I think some of them didn't have much cash to spare and chose to prioritize their wants over the needs. In fact, this kind of habit is also one reason why so many OFWs remain poor. They have the money, they spend it immediately. It's payday... it's time for a blowout. It's time to return home from abroad, it's time to party hard to the point your hard-earned money goes to waste. Plus, I noticed how often they change their gadgets for the sake of it. While I have nothing against having nice stuff since I use a Samsung Galaxy phone, I have a PS3, a flat screen TV and a Subaru... but just make sure you still have lots of money after you spend stuff on them or at least, be sensible and plan out what you want to buy.

Free-riding on the success of decent Pinoys in their Pinoy Pride campaign

I couldn't forget the time that Sayaka Akimoto admitted she was happy of her dual heritage that she was half-Filipino which soon resulted to a lot of Pinoy Pride comments. Now why am I mentioning her instead of Manny Pacquaio is because I'm not truly a boxing enthusiast. There were loads of those comments. Now nothing is wrong with calling her "kabayan" but to attribute her HALF-FILIPINO heritage to her success, and as of recent, she starred in Sherlock Holmes 2 musicale as an original character named Maria Clara... I always thought of how Pinoy Pride comments may have roared as much as Manny Pacquiao.

Now I do not discredit any Pinoy who actually makes it big but the problem is, the success is THEIRS and THEIRS ALONE just like in every other race. Jackie Chan's success is his alone, Lang Lang's success is his alone. I know I can name of Pinoys who are great like Manny Pacquiao, Cecil Licad, Paeng Nepomuceno, Lea Salonga-Chien and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid but the success is theirs alone. So what if a certain Pinoy makes it big? The achievement can never be attributed to Pinoy blood but to their hard work, dedication and talent. It would be stupid if a Pinoy would think that they are destined to win the Olympics just because... Lydia De Vega was a Pinay who won the title of "world's fastest woman" during her glory days even if they don't train. It's really best to call it parasitism at best. Instead of working for their own success, they decide to KEEP RIDING on the success of others. Worse, they use the achievements of Pinoys who deserve their success, as proof that they are supposedly the "greatest race" in the world.

Maybe I could mention it also shows people how balimbing they are. Nobody wanted to help Michael Christian Martinez (Mike) out during the time he struggled as a skater. Let's face it... that dimwit President Nobita didn't even bother to help. Mike became the struggling lone Filipino - I cried when I heard of his plight. Only after did Mike impress the whole crowds with his grace and overcoming his asthmatic problem did people rejoice. It seems to be that the cycle is this - decent Pinoy wants to make a difference, Failipinos mock him for being different and when he or she makes it big, they free ride on him/her that is.... until the time of losing comes. How fair-weathered can Failipinos be? Very fair-weathered so they don't make good friends for any decent Pinoys.

Declaring the "sariling atin mentality" while using imported stuff or stuff born from foreign influence

Now nothing is wrong with nationalism, just don't become an ultranationlist. In fact, I love my country enough to criticize its wrongdoings and I reject colonial mentality as much as I reject ultranationalism. The problem is the adherence of the stupid "sariling atin only" mentalityas if those idiots aren't using anything born out of foreign influence or using any imported stuff. Now it's nice to buy your own country's products if they are worth buying, if not junk is junk regardless where it comes from. If it's wrong to love foreign junk over quality Filipino products, the reverse is also just as wrong.

For those telebasura watchers, do not tell me that their TV sets were Filipino branded and Filipino made. Again, they might reason that Filipinos abroad also work in those firms but come on, then again so Indonesians, Malaysians and other people who come from labor export countries! For all they know, maybe their TV sets were assembled by a non-Filipino to where a Filipino worked as a factory worker. Not to mention, do not tell me that their favorite network ABiaS-CBN is not using anything imported. Like don't tell me that the equipment made to make those telebasuras weren't imported from abroad like cameras, lights, computers, software, etc. were made in the Philippines? The same can go for OPM... do not tell me that they aren't using any imported stuff in producing their otherwise stupid music they claim to be "original" when it isn't!

I really still have to be amazed at the stupidity of groups like Bobo Muna, Akbobo, Migraine and Gagabriela. Whenever I think that these groups or their members are on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram, etc. or well, they are also using imported stuff, all Ic an say is DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH IDIOT! Like in the picture of Toady Casino, he's going against a world economic forum while wearing IMPORTED STUFF. Oh wow, how contradictory can they be? Or you might want to think about the Anti-(insert country) rallies... go against China but at the end of the day they are eating at Chowking, go against the U.S. but at the end of the day they are eating at KFC or drinking coffee at Starbucks. If they are truly against those countries, I would really dare them to eat at the dirty carenderia at the end of the day instead!

Maybe I should also mention some Failipinos but not all are also stuck with the stupidity called Murican Superiority Mentality. Some of them are quick to be racist to others but are quick to adore the Muricans. Muricans are bad Americans who make the U.S. a mess that it is today. That is, they may want to reject anything foreign except if it's from the U.S. I may discuss about things in common between Failipinos and Muricans soon.

David Guerrero's slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines"

Now I would agree it is marketing but do you know that there are LIMITS to marketing? While you brag of your quality but make sure you are bragging of what is real, not what is not real. For example, check out all the taglines of quality companies like KFC say, "Finger Lickin' Good" or Chatime writes, "Good Tea Good Time" that while they brag of their quality, they do not brag to be the best. However the case is quite different on David Guerrero whose slogan may one day backfire on his face.

Did you know that the whole slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" actually originated in Switzerland? As of late, Switzerland can brag it all they want but NOT the Philippines whose happiness chart is really MUCH LOWER than Switzerland? Did you know that Switzerland ranks at the TOP while the Philippines is 89 ranks below it? Oh wow, either David Guerrero is plain dishonest or he's really inhaling drugs that he needs to pay a HUGE fine for it. The whole idea of "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is NOT doing the country any service at all but rather, it's creating a TERRIBLE CULTURE OF DYSFUNCTION?! Only if David Guerrero can actually experience all the stupidity that the slogan is creating, I wonder if he will take his words back if he ever gets mauled by Tondo squatters, gets cheated, gets hostaged, etc. I wonder if he can still say to himself, "Don't worry, it's still more fun in the Philippines!"

Not to mention, do you know how more often than not that the Philippines is really, really having a misguided view of happiness to start with? Come on, sometimes to have greater happiness later, you have to make sacrifices for now. Sorrow and hard work are facts you cannot escape from life and you can only enjoy greater happiness if you passed through sorrow first. For example, you may want to spend time sleeping all day but later, you won't have your own money to be satisfied in buying the things you want. Just think if you work hard to have your own money, wouldn't that be more satisfying to have worked for something rather than you always relying on somebody else's money. Just think that maybe, some people who bought the One Direction ticket may have actually rewarded themselves while others borrowed money from others. Maybe some of them really screamed for joy because they were rewarding themselves for a once in a lifetime event, which again, maybe they really had a lot of excess cash.

Believing that foreign investment is foreign invasion while claiming OFWs means the Philippines is taking over the world

Again, this is stupid and why I am becoming a broken record is because I am still all that angry to why those nincompoops REFUSE to see the reality that FOREIGN INVESTMENT IS NOT FOREIGN INVASION. Again, do they really even study the basics of economics then again, many of them are too lazy to read through anything. Like it or not, if you want to win the war on drugs, de-criminaization of drug possession is not just one step. Another step to win the war on drugs is to OPEN UP THE ECONOMY- that way, drug dealers will have to compete with FOREIGN FIRMS in terms of getting recruited employees. Again, they still have their stupidity of loving economic protectionism but keep complaining that they receive horrible services.

Then they say, "Woohoo we Filipinos are taking over the world." Excuse me... how many times do I have to KEEP EMPHASIZING that W on OFW means WORKER. Workers bow down to their masters and that's what Edz Ello was ignoring when he wrote those defamatory posts that may get him deported soon. Just think of all the pictures on the left that made them think that they are taking over the world. Wow, I am so amazed at their stupidity... what do they think they are... COLONIZERS?! Where you work, you FOLLOW the rules of that country. If an investor invests in the Philippines and even if they own 100% ownership, THEY MUST STILL FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE PHILIPPINES. Wow, I am so amazed at how stupid they are think that they are taking over the world in spite of the useless pleas for the guilty Filipinos and when the executions took place, they act like as if any country with an OFW should bow down to the Philippines.

Maybe I should mention that in their support of protectionism, the biggest beneficiaries include FILIPINO-CHINESE BUSINESSMEN like Danding Cojuangco, Lucio Tan and Henry Sy to name a few. Wow, it should amaze me that they support protectionism but they hate the beneficiaries of protectionism. If anybody benefits from protectionism, most of them are Filipino-Chinese oligarchs.

Hating Chinese while using services from Chinese businessmen and adoring Filipino-Chinese celebrities, personalities and politicians

It's really amazing how many FLIPFAGs hate Chinese because a lot of Chinese are usually richer than they are. Maybe not super rich but still richer than they are and FLIPFAGs tend to have an anti-elite mentality while having super duper expensive taste... quite the irony and contradiction you have there. Why they hate Chinese may have a LOOOOONG history with their hypocrisy even before the execution of the three drug mules in China or Flor Contemplacion's execution. It may as well go back to their history of their Failipino Pride which I may soon discuss after further research has been done.

What I find hypocritical is how I was bullied for simply being of Chinese descent by Failipinos while they benefit from Filipino-Chinese businessmen. For example, they eat at Jollibee owned by Tony Tancaktiong, they ride Cebu Pacific which is owned by the Gokongweis, they drink Beer Na Beer which is a product of Lucio Tan's Asia Brewery, they go malling in SM which is owned by Henry Sy. The irony can also be that some of them also bite the hands that feed them - some Failipinos rely on a Filipino-Chinese businessman for their income like working for Allied Bank (also owned by Lucio Tan), Jollibee as staff workers and you can insert any company here owned by a Filipino-Chinese.

Sometimes I cannot help but create the term "Failipino Nazi" in what they do. I mean, they are probably like Adolph Hitler who grew up poor and outcast. Rather than letting their bitter past make them better, they choose to be bitter. I mean while Hitler was defeated by the Jews in academics and art, but he certainly rose into the power of the nation but his bitterness made him do the things he did and what made him hypocritical was he was exterminating Jews using Jewish produced weapons. When he went on war against the Jews, the economy suffered from massive inflation because the Jews were responsible for a lot of businesses. I wonder if FLIPFAGs even consider that if they get rid of Filipino-Chinese, they would doom the Filipino economy to a much worse scale than it is today?

Not to mention, I could also cite that while they hate Filipino-Chinese but they suffer from double standard whenever they idolize certain Filipino-Chinese. The names I could start mentioning are ABiaS-CBN's queen Kris Aquino, President Nobita Aquino, Bum Aquino is half-Chinese, that idiotic Kaya Natin head Harvey Keh who dared use a Mr. Anonymous to waste the time of the impeachment trial, Alodia Gosiengfao the cosplay queen, Heart Evangelista (Mrs. Anne Marie Ongpauco-Escudero) and other Filipino-Chinese personalities, celebrities and politicians.

Having a wrong definition of "human rights" or the victim card mentality

Like it or not but the Commission on Human Rights is better renamed as "Criminals Have Rights" and its head, Etta Rosales should be called "Madame Victim Card" because of how she keeps upholding that stupid "Victim Card Mentality". One way or another, the death penalty was removed no thanks to CHR and I may want to mention that, maybe just maybe, the whole Rolando Mendoza mishap was also a result of not giving the practical permission of policemen to SHOOT DOWN an armed and dangerous thug when you need to. I mean, they could have just easily SHOT Rolando Mendoza to save the hostages. But no, no thanks to Madame Victim Card (who even insists that Mamasapano was not a massacre, wow she's so stupid) we are really screwed up more than ever.

Maybe I can also mention about how squatters are just called "informal settlers"rather than squatters. People tell me that I am not respecting human rights. But come on, those squatters are a result of the stupid welfare state mentalityand it is also rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent. Those squatters take away the very RIGHTS of other poor people who work hard to make a living and get a decent housing to do so. I mean, think of the eight hours of labor a day a laborer does, every sweat he makes to pay rent, every budgeting he does to make sure he can provide for his family and then her comes those squatters who are a couple of FREELOADERS... they never worked for anything and they are occupying areas that aren't theirs, they steal electricity and food and when you want to kick them out, CHR will say, "Respect squatters' rights!" Squatters DO NOT respect human rights and that's what Etta Rosales may be purposely ignoring in an attempt to please everyone.

I would probably mention that CHR may also be responsible to why the Philippines is a paradise for drug dealers. If the illegal Chinese who are drug dealers produce their drugs in China, they are most likely to face the chopping board of their country. After all back in 2008, the late Chinese health minister Zheng Xiaoyou was executed for approving of all the Chinese fake products into the world market while sadly, the Philippine government still keeps Stinky Soliman in her position. So their smartest move would be get out of China, move to a country like the Philippines, pay money under the table and jaran, we get to have a secure position. Although the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. was a scumbag but he did something right when he had those illegal Chinese drug dealers shot or when he went against squatters. Again, even if China is a Communist state but sadly, the country itself may be more moral than the Philippines as of late.

Making heroes out of the wrong people

I would really admit that the Philippines has the problem of people who keep canonizing the WRONG PEOPLE. When Flor Contemplacion was executed, instead of accepting that she was REALLY A CRIMINAL, they all played the Victim Card and declared her a heroine and 20 years later, the same mentality still remained that Flor is an innocent person, a heroine and a victim of Singapore's "tyranny" even when evidence points out that she was indeed guilty. A screwed-up movie based on her incident in Singapore was made but it was fabricated from the real truth. After all, you have her twin sons Joel and Junjun starring as themselves in that stupid movie that deviated from the truth of the matter.

The same treatment was later given to the three drug mules who were executed in China who were declared heroes, fortunately no movie was written about them. While I can agree that drug use and drug possession should be treated as civil offenses, however drug pushing and drug dealing are NOT civil offenses but CRIMINAL offenses. Their logic is just stupid - an executed Filipino abroad must be innocent because he or she is Filipino. Oh come on, don't tell me the Filipinos locked up in the Philippines are innocent too and that Filipinos can do no wrong? Again, it's all but screwed up thinking to canonize executed convicts. While no state funeral was given to the three drug mules, I still cannot get over the stupidity of the state funeral that the late Flor received when she was not even a martyr at all!

However it doesn't stop with the dead but also among the living. I have noticed how Failipinos have made heroes out of two people who didn't deserve it. One was Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. who showed utter childishness by covering his ears in the Senate while Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was scolding the prosecutors for their sloppy preparation. Now I do agree Senator Miriam has to control her temper but I don't think I'd be able to hold my temper if I were in her place. Atty. Aguirre's actions made a fool out of himself that while he should have just been admonished the next day (no need for caucus, it was a waste of time) but... he certainly deserved to be admonished. The next would be how Harvey Keh who tried to defraud the courts was also declared a hero. It seems that Failipinos don't even understand the meaning of heroism at all.

Not to mention, voting for unqualified candidates then complaining about the results of a country having No Direction

Whenever I think about Philippine politics, it's really an Aliens vs. Predator race most of the time that is, regardless who wins, we are all destined to lose. When I was still a teenager in 1998, I still could not forget how Sherap Estrada became so unstoppable all because of his WINNABILITY not his CREDIBILITY. To be honest, Jose De Venecia in spite of being boring, would have made a better president than Sherap. Again, I don't discredit the fact Sherap actually did restore the death penalty and demanded that the MILF should be taken care off immediately. He wasn't even that stupid compared to President Nobita. Not to mention, he won't even bail out his son Unggoy Estrada whose sins far exceed than what he did during the Jueteng Scam.

When I think of how the arena is, who really wins? Members of prestigious families, athletes and celebrities. Robert Jaworski won all because he was a skilled basketball player... a skill that would work better in the PBA than in the Senate! The late Fernando Poe Jr. by count won the last elections against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo because of his actor status, never mind that unlike Sherap, he had NO political knowledge whatsoever. You may think why so many celebrities are in power and why so many want to become celebrities... it's because it usually gives an easy ride to politics. Maybe I should mention why President Nobita became president in the first place in spite of his LACK OF ACHIEVEMENT - it was only because of his parents Ninoy and Cory. While I can still have the stand that the late Ninoy was saving the country (but had the wrong alliances like some good kings made bad allies) and giving Malaysia what was rightfully theirs (Sabah), but what Noynoy is doing is stupid like the Bangsamoron Law, the Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law and so on makes him a really bad leader yet people voted for him all because he was his father's son in spite of his several years of moronic management. Then at the same time, Bum Aquino gets voted for his strong resemblance to the uncle he never met or remember, the late Cory was voted only because of the late Ninoy.

Then the cycle continues whenever people protest against the very SAME rulers they voted into power, I mean, they know they weren't qualified, they still voted for them right? They know President Nobita is an incredibly GAGO of a president, they still voted for him anyway because of his parents. After all, do people even wonder why who's to blame for BAD POLITICS but themselves? It all stems out from the Failipino culture of willful stupidity, starstruck mentality, easily carried away by fair speeches, short-term thinking and in short BAD BELIEFS that becomes the reasons why this country has No Direction.