It's Really April Fool's Everyday in the Philippines!

This pervert Bum Aquino knows how to fool the masses!

Since today is April Fool's Day, I have thought of mentioning the sad fact that indeed, it's really April Fool's everyday in the Philippines. Whether it's the Marcoses or the Aquinos, it's an Aliens vs. Predator battle. The 1972 Constitution established oligarchy and economic protectionism and the 1987 Constitution did not repeal that mistake. Sad to say, some people do not even see that the 1987 Constitution needs to be updated and revised to make a better Philippines. They think it's already okay, never mind that sometimes, you need to make changes if it is for the better.

So why is the Philippines having all its problems of bad governance? It's because of the meaning behind FLIPFAG - Failipinos Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely For All Generations. If you love ignorance and incompetence because you just want to feel good, then you must avoid anything that feels bad. In short, it's all about having a misguided notion of happinesswhich is all about just having an obsession with happiness, not realizing that all sunshine and no rain makes a desert. Likewise, that also explains why poverty is indeed sky high in the Philippines which I may choose to blame the people more than the government. Since people choose to listen only to pleasant things even if it's only a lie but as long as it's pleasant, they choose to buy it. This of course leads to people being fooled in the long run. It's no wonder why David Guerrero's tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is really a wonder working tagline ofa culture of dysfunction.

I have observed how gullibility is often a MAJOR problem in the Philippines. Problems like financial scams and drug recruiters are a mainstream in the Philippines. Why do Ponzi scams like Bankstupid by Atong Ang and the Ahman scheme prevail in the Philippines? Why do illegal Chinese love doing business in the Philippines? It's because of the problem of gullibility. During the Ahman scheme, they offered unrealistically high interest as "safe investment" never mind when do you simple Math, it DOES NOT count. At the same time, it made me think of those Filipinos who sadly become involved in the drug trade. Although they know what they were carrying is drugs, they allowed their gullibility to get the best of time. I am even led to believe that their recruiters told them that, "Relax, you won't get caught. We know the paths in China, trust me... and you can earn faster than you would work as a domestic helper in Singapore." type of talk.

What is worse is that politicians know how to take advantage of the gullibility of Filipinos not only during elections but also on a daily basis. A network like ABiaS-CBN and its associates like ANC will always tell us, "Oh the Philippines is Asia's newest miracle..." type of talk or "Everything is okay..." kind of talk. In one of President Nobita's talk, he has also said the idiocy that, "Well traffic is a sign of a growing economy!" never mind that Bangladesh's traffic is MUCH WORSE than the Philippines and so is its economy. Traffic can be a sign of good economy if it was a traffic of INVESTORS NOT VEHICLES! At the same time, who can remember Bum Aquino's working under the sun without a bead of sweat picture? Come on, a use of common sense will tell you that nobody can work without sweating right? Sadly, people have voluntarily given up their common sense because it feels bad, they just want to feel good all the time and in turn, it makes them gullible.

The root cause is also in the culture, the political arena is the fruit and every fruit has seeds right? ABiaS-CBN happens to be the biggest culprit of creating an April Fool's culture in the Philippines especially it is a network in the service of the Aquinos. How is ABiaS-CBN really a huge culprit to that? When you think about it, ABiaS-CBN is a master of sensationalist news (like reports on aswang and heeding to non-existent prophecies like they did to Pangasinan courtesy of Noli De Castro) and biases like they quickly favor the Aquinos and Cojuangcos and they are too biased one way or another. ABiaS-CBN also has its media queen Krisis Aquino who is a bad influence to anybody who watches her show. I have noticed how Krisistards behave. They troll anyone who hates and disagrees with Krisis Aquino. When they are questioned, "Why do you really enjoy trolling others?" they reply like, "Well I'm just here to expose how stupid you are!" type of talk. Wow, one must be amazed at how stupid Krisistards really are way or another right? Not to mention, a lot of TV dramas are really indoctrinating people for the worse.

Because of all of these factors I just mentioned, the cycle continues. People get indoctrinated with stupidity, stupidity becomes the new smart and smart becomes the new stupid. For them, you must agree with popular opinion or you are stupid (like the crowd of the Emperor's New Clothes). Then you can think of how the viewers of the networks are watching one stupid stuff after the other for most of the run which as I mentioned, they are indoctrinated with stupidity. They will continue to buy the political campaigns. Many people continue to vote for the same stupid candidates because of the same indoctrination. The cycle needs to really stop with a big cultural change and sad to say, more Pinoys choose to become Failipinos than to become enlightened Pinoys.