FLIPFAG Internet Trolls Inevitably And Inadvertently Expose How Stupid They Are!

The last time I have written on why many FLIPFAGs are joining cultural change groups like the Get Real Philippines Facebook group (and note some of them if not even a LOT of them are using their real identities). Now it's time for me to write on how these FLIPFAG trolls are inevitably and inadvertently expose how stupid they really are!

When you think about it, FLIPFAG trolls tend to think that either they are very smart or two, that they are smarter than everybody else. They tend to act like that they are always right even when they are not. Unlike the enlightened Pinoy, the FLIPFAG shows a very different attitude. They are either crowd pleasers, they only care about popularity (no wonder the Philippines is full of bad candidates), they are very arrogant and they think that they are the best especially with their "Pinoy Pride".

One study had shown how a lot of Filipinos tend not to read through posts before they comment on anything. That is true anyway when you think of how they react to a post without reading in context. For example, even if the post differentiates Failipino from Filipino, they immediately tend to react, "That's not Failipino, that's Filipino." even when the word "Failipino" was used like, "Law-abiding Filipinos have had enough of Failipinos who put the Philippines to shame." You have to be amazed at how they do not bother to read through an article while calling themselves professionals. Most of them are even very uncivilized when it comes to posting comments like it's laced with profane language and angry tones (like telling the person like "I better not see you in the Philippines or I will punch you, you Pinoy pride rejecter) showing how stupid they are. Whenever they refuse to read through a post and point anything, they are showing that they are point missers. They choose to think with their emotions rather than their brain, or in short they refuse to use BOTH their hearts and brains, instead they just act on emotion rather than logic.

Whenever they try to expose people who they disagree with as being "stupid", they show how stupid they are. One of their dirtiest tactics is to repeatedly use below the belt questions (which are better not answered) and when they are asked, "Do you enjoy trolling others?" They may answer like, "Well I am not trolling you, I am just here to expose to everyone how stupid you hare, hahahahahaha!" In their arrogant attitude mixed with false humility, they eventually show how stupid they are especially in their assumption you are jealous just because you criticize. You can see how they comment at the Get Real Philippines site saying, "You're just jealous." which reminded me of that I Am Weasel episode where the idiot Baboon thinks the intellectual Weasel was jealous of him because the latter criticized the former. Whenever they think that they don't need to be corrected at all, they choose to be stupid because a real smart people never thinks he's or she's always right.

Just try giving them advice or constructive criticism. While they may say that so and so gets mad when so and so is given criticism, watch out when you criticize them. They become raging bulls one way or another. When I previously mentioned about how they do not read through posts, sometimes it can happen in the way that when they read constructive criticism in the post they are destined to erupt. They refuse to differentiate constructive criticism from insults. Criticism as defined in the dictionary is, "the expression of disapproval or noting of the faults of something" or "the activity of making careful judgments of both merits and demerits". When you think about it, it's never easy to accept criticism right? Even I have my moments of exploding whenever I'm criticized, even if the other person was just trying to help. Problem for FLIPFAGs is, they show more often than not that they are very uncivilized whenever they react with insults (they are very good at insulting others but get mad when it backfires because it's thinkers doers) and profane language after they read some criticism even when it's not even directly hit at them.

Worse, some of them are even using their REAL identities like that idiot Edz Ello. I guess they troll people with their REAL identities while some people using alter egos are just as nice as their real egos to "impress" the crowd that they are very smart when they are indeed, very stupid. I mean, just think that whenever they use their real identity in their attitude of trolling people on the Internet, they are putting themselves at a much bigger risk than alias users (remember an alias user is not necessarily a troll). For all you know, they might be putting their own job or profession at risk, or worse their loved ones at risk. Not everyone can easily laugh off a troll as just another nuisance, some people are more than willing to go as far as to stab somebody over a stupid comment. As said, stupid people are best ignored... let them think what they want, one day they will just harvest the harsh reality of their stupidity that they don't think they need to overcome.