David Guerrero's Slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" May Backfire Badly On His Face Someday!

Either David Guerrero is on drugs OR he's just plain dishonest...

BBDO Chairman David Guerrero made that "click na click" ad called "It's More Fun in the Philippines". As a business graduate, I am aware of the fact that advertisements have to be catchy yet there are ethical concerns. While you must advertise how good you are but one thing is certain, your tagline may backfire if it does not meet expectations.

Let me give you an example of how testimonials would matter over taglines. Quality products do not boast that they are the best while they do still boast of their quality. Meanwhile, shitty services who are in desperate need of money and/or want easy money are most likely to use preposterous campaigns. Let us just say I endorsed Tondo, Manila as the best tourist spot vs. Bohol advertises itself as simply another nice tourist spot. Now let us think of how it works. Maybe more people will go to Tondo first but after finding out how horrible it is, much less people will go back there. It may make easy money for now but remember, usually money that is easy come is easy go. Sad to say, it also reflects on the reasons why drug pushing is a problem in the Philippines and why crooked Chinese druglords just love the Philippines.

One of the biggest issues that David Guerrero might be ignoring is that NAIA has NOT gotten out of the top ten world's worst airports in the world. Remember not all of the good areas of the Philippines have a direct flight to that area. Some will have to pass through the nightmare that is NAIA even before they can enjoy the scenic beauties of the Philippines. Just think if the huge slogan, "It's More Fun in the Philippines" were written over it and their experience was not a bit fun thanks to super hot weather, poor service given by lousy personnel, badly maintained structures, thievery, etc. The tagline of David Guerrero will NEVER compensate for those damages.

Again, who in the world would want to enjoy the scenic view of garbage and smelly slums if they come from a developed country? It's already obvious why I don't want to go to Bangladesh or Somalia because those places are much worse than the Philippines. Sure the Philippines has some nice areas to go to but come on, I even can't imagine if people went to Tondo, Manila being told that it's the most fun place on Earth. Tondo is one spot I'd avoid due to all the slums, crimes, etc. I mean, that's the crime and slum capital of the Philippines... and those people get protection thanks to that idiot Etta Rosales of Commission on Human Rights.

Not to mention, poor law enforcement. I really face-palmed at the stupidity of that FLIPFAG who said something as stupid to that Vietnamese tourist Mr. Banh like, "You will never be fooled in the Philippines." The FLIPFAG who wrote that comment is either delusional, dishonest or both. For one, tourism really suffered no thanks to that Rolando Mendoza hostage incident... and the statement "It's More Fun in the Philippines" won't solve anything especially that it was a botched handling. Something as simple as taking him down with a sniper could have saved more lives or two, they could have just shot him at the leg. But they treated the whole incident as a joke which really strained the relations between Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Perhaps one day, when David Guerrero realizes how his stupid tagline that created a culture of dysfunction has backfired on him, it might be too late. After all, he refused to face the truth that it's not more fun in the Philippines. Maybe when that day comes, angry tourists might end up mauling him back and forth. When you cheat someone, don't expect them not to drop charges. Just because you forgive someone does not mean you negate justice.

Again, you want the Philippines to be a great tourist spot? Then WORK ON improving it towards national improvement and and NOT by preposterous marketing.