Was It Really Wrong to Purchase That EXPENSIVE TICKET For One Direction?!

Knowing One Direction's concert will be next month, I am thinking of the issue of the pricey ticket.  Personally, I wouldn't buy the ticket even with the fact that I have more than enough money.  I can buy the ticket, I won't starve but I could have bought something better or donated the money to charity.  However it's not entirely wrong and it can be wrong depending on the scenario.

For one, nothing is wrong with buying a ticket that expensive if you lots of money.  It's not just have the money, it's that you have lots of money.  For example, I can buy the ticket and not starve or be buried in debt.  Some people may want to reward themselves for a once in a lifetime event for all their hard work.  As long as they are using their OWN MONEY and they aren't borrowing money to buy the ticket then it's not wrong.  In these scenarios, buying the ticket isn't wrong.  However I choose not to because it's just impractical for me.

However it can be wrong in some scenarios.  For example, parents who suddenly decide to indulge the child with a ticket that expensive would be wrong.  It can teach the child not to value money.  It can also be wrong when you are in financial burden then you borrow money just to get it, then that's adding a burden to yourself.  While it doesn't affect me personally but it does affect the people who do the stupidity and people near them.  If a child chose to stole money to buy the ticket then that's wrong.

Overall, the issue is a very case to case basis.