The Possibility That Many Filipinos (Under FLIPFAG Category) Comment on Social Networks Without Reading the Posts!

I have read an article on how a lot of Filipinos tend to comment on Facebook without reading posts. When I think about it, I could actually share this experience I had with FLIPFAG trolls (whether they choose to remain Anonymous, use an alter ego but not everyone who does is a troll OR brave enough to use their real name) is just amazing on how often they are really point missers.

So how often does that happen? I have noticed these comments I had in my personal blog, click to enlarge the image:

Here's the first set of comments. So we see here "Anonymous" has already missed the point of the whole article. This shows the whole missing the point. He or she has not yet read the whole article has already reacted to the term "Failipino" without reading the whole area. Again, the person hasn't read the whole article and has missed the point just because the word "Failipino" is there. It's pretty much taking things OUT OF CONTEXT!

Second, the person has read the article but refuses to take it in context. This "Toki A" hasn't even pointed out how I was generalizing Filipinos. Did I just make the whole article generalize all Filipinos? Again, no specifics and just a point misser.

This is the third comment. The person has the nerve to say he's a Filipino professional working in Japan. However the person has had the bandwagon mentality to make an excuse for his/her mindset. For one, the person is just reacting without understanding. It's obvious they are thinking with their emotions without using their head. You need BOTH your brain and your heart to function as a human being.