David Guerrero's Slogan Is A Tourist Trap!

A deadly tourist trap indeed!

It's catchy, it's "hit na hit" but the truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it? When you think of David Guerrero's ghastly slogan, it can be attractive but the problem has always been this. The slogan is misused and abused one too many times to the point it creates a culture of dysfunction. At the same time, it can serve as a clever tourist trap to gullible tourists. I can probably name Muricans to be among them aside from nations worse than the Philippines. I can also think that if David Guerrero was not high on drugs, he must have been thinking about he must have been designing a tourist trap.

The slogan adding "more" is deceptive. One could have just said, "It's Fun To Be in the Philippines" but as said, no amount of sloganeering will ever change the truth. It just reminded me of "Jaws" where the mayor purposely sugar coated the truth that a massive shark attack was there. The whole slogan probably wants to make the Philippines look like it's some kind of paradise where nothing goes wrong, the most fun place in the world and never mind how most of the authorities in the Philippines' authorities do not deal with problems accordingly.

At first, it makes the Philippines look appealing. I understand it's marketing but using deception to drag in customers is unethical practice. For example, notice some slogans do not try to make themselves look like the best like Chatime writes, "Good Tea Good Time" not "The Best Tea in the World". People who produce quality advertise their quality modestly because testimony will beat their tagline. Not so with the Philippines especially it has a lot of problems to solve like the Rolando Mendoza incident and other related stuff.

I couldn't get over that stupid FLIPFAG that told a lie to a Vietnamese tourist that he will never be cheated, all Filipinos are hospitable and it's more fun in the Philippines. While it looks attractive but anybody who knows the situation in the Philippines would dismiss the phrase as "misused and abused far too many times". The reality is cheating happens anywhere. While the Singaporean authorities dealt with the shop and helped Mr. Banh out of his predicament, that hardly happens in the Philippines. In the Philippines, crime is very rampant and Tondo in Manila is indeed the crime capital of the Philippines. I've even heard of rampant cheating too thanks to loose law enforcement. Once a person is cheated, attacked by Failipino activists or get in trouble, the slogan loses its credibility and the word "more" makes it lose its credibility.

Also the idea of investing is more fun in the Philippines is nothing more than a scam. While I would admit some Filipinos make good labor force but not all of them. Some Filipinos make bad working force who don't even follow simple guidelines. The problem of economic protectionism is that it restricts ownership of foreigners to just 40% while in China the minimum is 50% and higher. While China opens up its economy, the Philippines still insists in the "blessing" of protectionism which only creates trashy servicesin return. They would soon also realize that Bureau of Internal Robbery's Konsomisyoner Kill Henares may just be waiting to overtax them to feed her greedy masters especially if they invest in Luzon where she has direct power from President Nobita.

Also, the stupidity may lead to sugar coated stupidity. I know nobody likes the unpleasant truth but you need it. I mean, some critics are reasonable and just. Nobody likes to receive negative feedback because there is inherent arrogance in everyone. A lot of people love to criticize but hate to be criticized and take a comforting lie over the bitter truth. However what is bitter can be beneficial like how ampalaya is good for your health and anything too sweet is bad for you. This kind of slogan may soon endorse Mt. Mayon while it's erupting or swimming in shark-infested waters as "more fun". The slogan is nothing more than dishonest marketing and David Guerrero may know it better but, refuses to do anything about it.


  1. "... Tondo in Manila is indeed the crime capital of the Philippiens. " - And I remembered one of my co-workers, who happens to be living there, who kinda conned me to take him and my other co-workers on a treat. Bah, I don't know about his situation in life, but he has his own friggin' money and he has no right to compel others to spend their money on someone else.... >.<


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