The Problem of the Failipino Celebrity Delusion!

President BS Aquino managed to find time out of his 'busy' schedule to grace the 'royal' occasion.
Looks like a lot of people have the Dingdon/Marian hangover whether or not they were invited as guests.  I mean, I didn't attend the wedding reception nor feast with them, but I had the hangover all because.... well President Nobita freaking went there while he had duties to do!  On the other hand, I will discuss about the celebrity delusion.

I was thinking of the rather emphasized wedding of Dingdong and Marian.  For one, it was super extravagant.  I could point out that wearing a very expensive suit is impractical.  For one, even if a gown costs PHP 2,000,000.00 or so, once it's eaten by insects, torn or whatever, it's just another useless gown.  I would critique on the matter that lavish spending is always looked at by the Failipino public as an indicator of being rich when it always isn't.  Sometimes a celebrity can hold a traditional, non-lavish wedding and still remain himself or herself as a celebrity.

What is the celebrity delusion?  It's simple to understand.  For the Failipino (and yes double-standard can strike anytime), one may consider how often they are struck by celebrities.  It can happen with them prioritizing celebrities over real life... because they want to run away from their problems.  They think that being a celebrity is the easy road to success never mind that the reality is, it isn't!  I hope this blog entry will really break some stupid notions.  Also I'm not jealous of the whole Dingdong/Marian event but rather, I am here to point out what really went wrong.  Criticism does not always mean jealousy or derailing if it's constructive criticism.

I was thinking I had that notion before.  I wanted to be an actor so I could enter into politics way back when I was a child.  However, one may look at it that celebrity life is no walk in the park.  Can you meet up with memorizing LONG LINES, demanding directors, Paparazz, interviews,  and the like?  Sad to say but Failipinos tend to be crybabies when there's work and schedule to meet.  They fail to see that celebrity success in the long term is dedicated to talent and HARD WORK.  Yes, it requires a lot of hard work.  Plus, one way think would I click or would I not click?  Sometimes being a celebrity is a reason why you usually marry in your 30s or even 40s.

It's a problem when parents even throw their frustrations at their children for the failures they are responsible for.  It's something when they see a famous pianist or violinist on TV or a famous actor... just any celebrity.  Then the father or mother says something stupid like, "Well son/daughter, you are going to be a celebrity and be famous for our sake."  It can create a lot of stupidity like wasting money on buying a piano or any musical instrument that costs a lot.  They even try to force their children to be celebrities even when they can't act, can't play the piano, lack the good looks or any qualification to click.

It also creates the notion of Pinoy Pride delusion.  Failipino celebrity wannabes are quick to protest when they lose fair and square.  I could think that just because Cecil Licad is a famous pianist does not make every Pinoy a pianist.  Regine Velasquez-Alcasid does not make every Pinoy a singer.  Yet these stupid Failipinos just cannot accept their limitations.  You might think of this... I am a tone deaf guy.  Perseverance does not change the truth.  I can sing all I want but I cannot change the fact I am tone deaf.  Perseverance is good if it's focused on things you need to do, to improve but it does no good when you are trying to change the truth.  Perseverance won't make a lame man grow a leg but it can certainly help him get used to walking with a crutch or getting used to life on a wheelchair.  There's a difference there.

Also, when I mentioned the demands of celebrity life, I always think about the sad fact that Failipinos refuse to follow simple guidelines.  It's not they can't follow it, they refuse to follow it.  Every decent Pinoy has had enough of Pinoys who deserve to be called Failipinos because the latter brings shame to the Pinoy people in general.  If they can't even obey their bosses, how can they then obey the director?  Even one person I knew hasn't been established yet he already demand to be paired with Marian Rivera or any girl he wanted.  That kind of arrogance is really one reason why the Philippines hardly moves forward.  In short, how can they even fulfill their celebrity delusion if they can't even follow simple guidelines?