Pinoy Humility Not Pinoy Pride Will Help the Philippines!

There's nothing wrong with a Pinoy achiever. Achievers exist in every race and again, so do failures. You see poor people in every country, even in developed ones. There are successes and failures everywhere you go. However one value that is not helping the Philippines is Pinoy Pride.

How do we first define Pinoy Pride? Pride is defined as the state of quality of being proud, hence the feeling that you are more important or better than other people. In the sense, Pinoy Pride does the same. For the Pinoy Pridist, they are rightfully called Failipinos because they are a disgrace to their own country. You can see how Pinoy Pride is a deadly disease that typical Pinoys have. Luckily, some Pinoys beg to differ from Pinoy Pride... instead they choose the value of Pinoy Humility.

Humility is defined as the quality of state of thinking you are not better than other people. The enlightened Pinoy calls himself a Filipino and rejects Pinoy Pride. The idea of Pinoy Pride or to think that Pinoys are the best in the world is repugnant to every enlightened Pinoy. For them, embracing the value of humility will help the Philippines, not the value of pride. They reject anything from Pinoy Pride because it makes Failipinos out of Filipinos.

There is a saying, "Before greatness comes meekness." Unlike the typical Pinoy or Failipino who gets mad with lowly jobs, these enlightened Pinoys break the bad image of the Pinoy in general. He or she would gladly be submissive, humble and obedient in the workplace. They don't think the world revolves around them. They refuse to credit being Pinoy to why certain Pinoys succeed, instead they credit hard work. Whether success or failure, they continue to move on for the better since they don't confuse humility with mediocrity. They accept the praise without the attitude of a big head.

So how has Pinoy humility helped? One can take a look at why the Philippines has not dropped into the levels of countries lower than Bangladesh. Developed areas in the Philippines are prosperous because they are willing to be humble. Reynaldo Villan of Bongbong was a humble baker who became a big name of Filipino delicacies. Manuel Pages was a humble employee who at fifty, became an entrepreneur with his family and he never speaks highly of himself in spite of achievement. Cebu has become an investment zoneeven if it was once overlooked, now it may become the model for the better Pinoy. Even so, Cebu's local government has been encouraging non-government charities and even supported them during the times of crisis such as Yolanda and the huge earthquake.

Pinoy Pride will NEVER help the Philippines. One may take a look at why Imperial Manila is deteriorating and it is a microcosm of what's wrong with most of the Philippines. Many of its residents have their high sense of pride which is not really surprising considering during Imperial Spain's occupation, King Philip II of Spain made Manila the capital. Sad to say even with Imperial Spain gone and dead, the values persisted among many of Imperial Manila's residents. Imperial in a sense because of its arrogance. By refusing to face the problems they face, the place itself is plagued with pollution, squatters, floods, high rate of crime... WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANT TO INVEST IN THOSE KINDS OF PLACES ANYWAY? Besides, no matter how colorful any trash is, it's still trash.

Again, kudos to all enlightened Pinoys who continue to work hard in the quest to make "It's More Fun in the Philippines" not just a slogan but a reality they want to achieve.