Thinking About Filipinos Being a Different Offering and Unforgettable Experience

"What differentiates the Philippines from other offerings is the Filipino.  Wherever you go in the Philippines, the Filipinos will make your experience unforgettable." - Ramon Jimenez

I can understand that marketing IS an important tool if you expect the tourists to come to the Philippines but there is a double-edged sword in here.  So what's the big issue?  The statement itself is a double-edged sword.  In what way?  I would discuss this n a way that would start to get offensive to the Failipinos and an encouragement for enlightened Pinoys.

The statement itself says, "The Philippines is differentiated because of the Filipino."  The Filipino is a resident of the Philippines.  What's the bigger point is the second half of the statement, "Wherever yo go in the Philippines, the Filipinos will make your experience unforgettable."

Now unforgettable can happen in two ways.. whether it's in a GOOD WAY or a BAD WAY.  Some Filipinos make it in a good way, other Filipinos make it in a bad way.  Just think of these incidents:

Unforgettable in a BAD WAY- #Pinoy Pridists

Just think of the reality that will happen WHEN the Filipino experience happens in a bad way.  I was thinking of the following issues that happen in the Philippines more often times than not that can lead to a bad experience.  You might consider that while you were at the beach, you see Failipinos throw their garbage just everywhere, pooing and peeing anywhere they want (VOMIT).  Claire Danes even commented how dirty Manila is.  Maybe along the way, some foreigners met angry Failipino leftists from groups like Anak ng Bayan or Bayan Muna to name a few.  One may even consider being taken hostage.

Unforgettable in a good way... #Enlightened Pinoys

In the case of Takeru Sato's arrival, just think of how he was impressed by the passionate reception of the Filipino community.  Maybe those leftists turned on hypocrite mode for all we know... or security was really tight.  Although he arrived at the NAIA, maybe it was one of the better terminals.  Regardless, you have Filipinos who gave him a warm reception.  I wonder where all the leftists were since no such incident happened?  Only if more Filipinos will continue to be beg to differ from the Failipino countrymen, truly the Filipino experience can be in a good way.

Again, let all the enlightened Pinoys continue the battle to truly make it more fun in the Philippines!