The Battle to Restore Bohol After Last Year's Tragedy Continues

Photographs were selected from here.

It's nice to hear that the Loboc River Cruise recovered but Bohol may not be out of the jungle yet.  No one should underestimate the significance of Bohol to the Philippine economy based on tourist arrivals.  Way back then, Chocolate Hills was a really nice place to be but the picture above proved that the damage was indeed big after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Common sense dictates that the Philippines must preserve its tourist spots.  If the Philippines has something worth showing more fun than any other area of the world BECAUSE of the unique experience and Bohol is one of them (ex. Great Wall of China is definitely more fun in China BECAUSE it's only in China), the same goes for many tourist spots of the Philippines.  Bohol is uniquely Bohol and it's one of the best business spots in the Philippines.  To ignore the effects of the 7.2 earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda on Bohol would be killing an important investment for the Philippines.

Just think of the beauty that was lost.  I wonder if it's possible to restore the Chocolate Hills considering like Mt. Alisan in Taiwan, this is a natural structure with a nature park.  Hopefully it can be restored together with all the collapsing structures.  I would blame depreciation for the reason why a lot of the park's manmade facilities fell down.  The need to continue the battle to restore Bohol is a must to save one of the Philippines' strong points.

Some structures may not even be restored because they are beyond damaged.  In accounting, we have the term "depreciation".  It may even require building a new structure from scratch to replace the old one and tell the story of how from the crumble, rose a new heritage for the Boholano population.

The battle for restoration must continue at a steady pace.  Loboc River Cruise was long back in business in spite of the tragedy that hit last year.  Now only if the government will hand over more money for things that matter, they can truly make it even more fun in the Philippines.  A tagline is just a tagline, testimonials will matter more so that's why the battle to restore Bohol must go on!