Reflecting on BPI's Foreigner Friendly Banking

After reading the Sunstar website this morning, one cannot deny that the Philippines has a rising economy and BPI is making banking more fun than it was before in the Philippines.  So what's in store for BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)?

Here's my thoughts on BPI's foreigner friendly banking:

1.) BPI is getting ready for the 2016 foreigner influx.  

It's time to put away the old Pinoy habit of not being ready and BPI is doing its image as an outstanding Filipino bank.  With a sense of readiness, who can deny that this bank is really getting ready.  The Philippines hopefully will open its economy up a little more to defeat unemployment, boost tourism and create a much bigger boom in the business world.

2.) BPI is giving its efforts to make DOT's tagline "More Fun in the Philippines" a closer reality

Ms. Natividad Alejo, Head of the Retail Segments of the Retail Group of BPI has said that innovation will make it better.  Businesses must either innovate or die.  With innovation to make it more welcome to foreigners, hopefully this will attract more foreign investments.

3.) BPI's unique Filipino experience gives an outstanding label

In business, uniqueness makes you stand out.  BPI isn't going to be just another bank for foreigners.   They will give the foreigners a good Filipino experience.  It should be very important to understand the new look and fell of BPI ATM Machines.  Uniqueness makes one stand out and that's what BPI is doing... to make another step to make it more fun in the Philippines.


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