Filipinos Should Work Hard Together to Make "It's More Fun in the Philippines" a REALITY!

Sloganeering is useless if the slogan is nothing more than a lie. While it's catchy, it's clingy but have they thought of the LONG RUN? In spite of the slogan, one can still see that the Philippine tourism may not beat the tourism of places like Japan or Singapore. Singapore is much smaller than the Philippines but its tourism is high.

What factors are preventing it from becoming more fun in the Philippines? Here are some that need to be dealt with:

1.) People who cannot follow rules

It's a sad state to think about but a lot of Pinoys take joys in breaking rules. In an experience, I was caught jaywalking (I had diarrhea that day...) and wanted to go to the toilet, soon enough I paid my PHP 50.00 jaywalking fine, something else happened. A group of unruly Pinoys PURPOSELY jaywalked and when the traffic enforcer was even being nice, he lost his temper when they said, "Jaywalking is more fun in the Philippines!"

2.) Bad airport quality in a lot of areas

While Cebu's Mactan Airport may not be world class but I can attest to its better quality of services. People there usually pick up their garbage. Not so with the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Cebu's Mactan Airport has some direct flights to other places. If you ask me, it's a pain really why the Manila Airports are that bad. I can testify with poor service, poor maintenance... and having these kinds of places is NOT more fun in the Philippines nor anywhere else around the world.

3.) Failipino drivers

Traffic in Manila is really bad. One may also think of reckless motorcyclists (thus leading to accidents), drivers who DO NOT follow rules and worse, some traffic enforcers are only half-awake I cannot deny that some people even quarrel with traffic enforcers even when they are the ones at fault.

4.) Poor quality of cleanliness

Only a real pig would think it's paradise if the place will allow you to throw garbage, poo and pee anywhere you want. As I love to say it, squatters are NOT more fun in the Philippines and not everything is more fun in the Philippines. Just think of how a person from a place that values cleanliness like Japan or Singapore will be when they step on (insert disgusting object) on the road when that object should have been disposed of!

5.) Beggars everywhere

You cannot deny that begging is indeed more fun in some areas of the Philippines. It's annoying to tourists that while they are around, these beggars start asking for alms and food. Although there is the fine of PHP 500.00 in some areas of the Philippines but most of the country is too relaxed with anti-mendicancy. Only if the Philippine government will stop rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent.

Room for thought

As said, these are just a few things that need to be fixed. If the Philippines can indeed work hard to make it more fun in the Philippines then the world will listen. Otherwise, the Philippines will be stuck with having to make multiple taglines. Then again, multiple taglines may work better in the long run like "Bohol - Home of the Famous Loboc River", "Cebu - The Business Capital of the Philippines", "Bacolod - Home of Delicious Filipino Delicacies", "Siargao Beach - Truly A Unique Beach Experience in the Philippines". Fancy taglines may just attract for now but deception backfires at the face of the deceiver sooner or later.